[#W_FANCAMS] 2018 WINNER’s Performance Fancams Playlist

  • 180426 Gyeonggido Sports Festival in Yangpyeong


  • 180430 Korea University Festival Fancams


  • 180503 Seoul University Festival Fancams


  • 180508 Wongkwang University Festival Fancams


  • 180509 Kyunghee University Festival


  • 180516 Kongkuk University Festival Fancams

  • 180517 Kangnam University Festival Fancams


  • 180518 Sungkyukwan University Festival Fancams

  • 180529 Daejin University Festival Fancams

  • 180530 Hannam University Festival Fancams

  • 180531 Halla University Festival Fancams

  • 180602 Chevrolet Walking Festival

[#W_NEWS] 170430 EXCLUSIVE: WINNER To Remain Active Until May For Their Fans

[OSEN=정준화 기자] Good news for WINNER fans. WINNER is to remain active until late May. They plan to make more appearances in music and variety TV shows. It will be a chance to make up for the long break and satisfy the fans.
On April 30, YG Entertainment announced that WINNER will be continuing its promotions until late May. WINNER released a new album titled “FATE NUMBER FOR” on April 4, and although it’s been a month, they made an unusual decision to stay active for their fans.
At 4 PM on April 4, WINNER started out again as a four-member group. WINNER had lost a member last year and had to go on a break for more than a year, but the group came back with force. WINNER will continue releasing new songs throughout this year, and its first release of songs was a success, marking a great beginning.
WINNER’s new songs swept the online charts, and with “REALLY REALLY”, the group won its second No.1 trophy on SBS’s Inkigayo on April 23 for two weeks in a row. Earlier on, “REALLY REALLY” became No.1 on Mnet’s M Countdown for two weeks in a row. WINNER also won a trophy on MBC’s Show Music Core, making the group win a total of five trophies in music shows.
Chart results are meaningful, but what is more important is that WINNER was able to demonstrate to their fans that they still could do WINNER-like music.
WINNER members also showed strong presence on variety shows. They created big issues whenever they appeared on a variety show and showed they can be good at it. Now, they are receiving love calls from many radio and TV show producers.
They have decided to continue their promotions to carry on the good momentum. They are ready to go anywhere. Fans will be able to see WINNER not only on music shows but also on variety shows and radio programs.


[#W_HMF] 160426 WINNER Sings Sentimental at Half Moon Friends

[360 VR] WINNER – Sentimental ♪ (Acoustic Ver.) on Half Moon Friends


[#W_HMF] 160426 WINNER at Half Moon Friends Singing and Dancing the Hokey Pokey

[360 VR] WINNER singing/dancing to Hokey Pokey – Half Moon Friends


[#W_PICTURES] 160403 WINNER at WINNER ZONE in Dongdaemun



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