[#W_PROJECT] 180419 C-IC Event (iPad for First Prize!)

C-IC is running an event of cover dance to let more people know about WINNER and EVERYD4Y.

Who: Global IC

When: April 11th – May 11th 2018

Where: TikTok App (China Version)


  • Follow account: WINNERDAY
  • Upload your video with tag: WINNEREVERYDAY
  • The winner will based from the number of likes


Rules of video: 

  • The video can be cover dance, a prank, a sitcom, or a farce
  • The background music must be Everyday



  • 1st: iPad
  • 2nd: 1000 ¥
  • 3rd: Polariza
  • Winner’s Album for 4 paricipants


Source: @hoon_n111, link

[#W_PROJECT] 170407 FNF 10 Days Challenge MelOn Pass Winners



[#W_PROJECT] 170407 FNF 10 Days Challenge MelOn Winners:

MelOn Winners Only

  • 1. Maria Belen (Ohhmybap_)
  • 2. Dani (1017dandan)
  • 3. Andrea (@TrustingYoon)
  • 4. Kristine G (ysteenmiii)
  • 5. Angel (incle88)

*Winners will be contacted by email. Please make sure to check your email.

*Also if you already have a melOn pass, please contact us and let us know so we can give the melOn coupon to someone else and you’ll be entered in the lucky draw again with 2 more entries.





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