MelOn Streaming

MelOn Streaming

MelOn is one of the largest streaming site in the Korea. So it is top priority for streaming music platform. Here is the FAQ and How To Streaming in MelOn

MelOn Passes

MelOn Passes is required to streaming and download the music. Only K-IC (or Korean people) can buy the passes

MelOn Streaming Playlist

MelOn streaming list is released by K-IC (@winner_strm). It is recommended to Inner Circle to follow the music list in order to increase the chart.

The most updated version of the streamteam's playlist can be checked in @winner_strm twitter.

Things you need to know about MelOn

FAQ and guide for MelOn streaming

Do you have to stream in last 20 minutes of each hour?

No, it does not matter as long as you stream the full song within the hour.

Can you stream on multiple devices with 1 ID at the same time?

No, you can only stream on one device at a time!

Does streaming on PC count just like on a mobile device?

Of course! Any streaming on any type of device gets counted!

Can you stream multiple IDs on one device by repeating logging in and out?

Yes, you can. As long as you stream the whole song!

Do we need to follow the playlist when it only counts once per hour per ID on charts?

Yes, because Gaon counts multiple times!

Do I need to delete history and cache when streaming?

No, you absolutely don’t need to! But you have to for MV streaming!

Do I need the most recent version of the app?

No, as long as you don’t get the following message on your app, you’re good!

If you get this message, please update right now!

Does streaming on mute count?

Your streaming will count whether it’s on mute or on any volume!

5 Minutes Chart CS Realtime Chart

Streaming during the last 10mins based on 5 min charts DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and will just waste 50 mins that you could use to stream for gaon, BECAUSE REALTIME/HOURLY CHART COUNTS ONLY ONCE PER ID PER HOUR whereas 5 minutes chart counts once per ID per 5 mins.


Locked MelOn Accounts

Linking Melon to Kakotalk ISN’T the 100% cure for account lock

1.Melon account made using kkt is already linked to kkt, but gets locked

2.Even KR No. verified+kkt linked accounts get locked&unable for login via kkt, only to be unlocked by mobile verification So please still be careful

3. If you were locked and tried to unlock,but got no email w/ the code, then this might be why:

Melon allows password reset to regular accounts only, but it’s the way to unlock an account! So, CONVERT a KKT ACCOUNT to a REGULAR ACCOUNT linked to KKT.

How much more is a download valued over a stream on the charts? and which is better?

Why is my Melon "DNA" page or "Familiarity with Liked Artist" not updating how many times I streamed album #EVERYD4Y ?

The pages are updated around 5pm KST everyday and new songs can take up to 30-48 hours for the stream count to be visible on those pages

How Your Melon Play Screen and Playlist Should Look Like?

What is AAC+ that show up on the melon play screen and should I be worried about it?

Nope, it does not matter whether you see it or not!

The Bell Icon

That BELL you see on Melon Play Screen is just FOR NOTIFICATION of new release from the artist and has ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER ON STREAMS, there’s no need to overly worry. If you are logged in and it plays without any errors, your streams are being counted.

Streams Count System

EVERY STREAM COUNTS REGARDLESS of whether your Melon account has been VERIFIED with a KOREAN ID OR NOT if it is properly playing without pause!

Streams Count System

MelOn does count streams from Non-verified accounts as the payment for the passes have been made and it cant discount the fact that the passes have already been paid for

All FAQs, guide, and tutorial are credit to: @winner_strm, @maran1025, @votingcircle

[MINI-PROJ] WIN 1st Anniversary #ThankYouForBeingWINNER

As you may be aware of, it’s been almost a year since WINNER won on “WIN: Who Is Next?”. To celebrate, we would like to do a quick mini-project by creating a short video that contains support messages for WINNER.

General Info:
Video saying “Thank you for being WINNER” + Support messages like “WINNER fighting!” “We love you!” etc.


  • Video must be 3-10 seconds long
  • Must only be in Korean or English
  • Must say “Thank you for being WINNER”
  • Video file type must be .mp4 or .mov
  • File must be named “NAME_COUNTRY.mp4”
  • Use the name you want to appear on the video
  • Must be shot in landscape mode. (Horizontally)
  • Email to [email protected]

Deadline: October 23th, 2014

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