[#W_TRANSLATE] 170303 Nylon Japan Interview with MOBB

Nylon Japan Interview with MOBB

The premium party ‘NYLON JAPAN NEW YEAR PARTY feat. MOBB’ was held recently. It was official release party to promote their first album ‘THE MOBB’ which was released last year. The next day, we had photo shoot together before they returned to Korea. In this interview, they never showed that they felt tired due to the yesterday party.

Q. How do you feel the NYLON party yesterday?
MINO: it was my first time to have performance in Japanese club and it was kind of different with usual concert. I felt more excited than usual, really! I sung 4 songs with BOBBY. It’s sad because it’s finished early.
BOBBY: People in there were amazing. I really felt thankful since there were lots of fans and people. I really enjoyed since I can play and sing freely in the club. I hope that I can have more opportunity like this.

Q. The party was also for the celebration of your mini album release in Japan. Also, this event collaborated and cooperated with Onitsuka Tiger, one of Japanese brand. How was it to have album release party like this?
MINO: If I can do the party like this, I wish I can release more albums in Japan!! I want more parties! (LAUGH) Onitsuka Tiger items seem to be cool and fabulous. I got lots of presents from them for not other than the stage and performance.
BOBBY: It was very meaningful for us to have release party with NYLON JAPAN. I wish that I can play more in the club after the show. But I have another schedule.. That’s too bad. (Laugh)

Q. Mr. Saito (Japanese comedian) of trendy angel suddenly appeared on the stage. Did you guys recognize him before?
BOBBY:Of course, well, I knew that he is very popular comedian in Japan. I was surprised that I can have show with him. They sung Big bang’s song and it was better than I expected. And they were so kind and gentle in the back stage. We had high touch session and took picture together. It was interesting.
MINO: He’s really good at mimicking the voice of Big bang members. I imitated his voice like saying ‘Mino-sang-da-jyo!!’ And I was impressed that I can meet him on the stage. I saw he did ‘pet!” which is his representative joke. (LAUGH) After the show, I went to his waiting room to say thank you. And when I said to him that I often imitate his voice, he said ‘Do your damnedest’ in Japanese. Everyone started busting out laughing at that moment.

Q. Congratulation for the hip hop award in 2017 Seoul Music award!
MINO: In last year, it was different awards. But we received the hip hop award for 2 years in Seoul music awards. We are honored really. I never imagined that I can get award as MOBB because I belongs to WINNER. I’d like to make return for your support in other music genre including hip hop. I was too busy because I had to be on stage after receiving the award immediately. So, I didn’t realize I won the prize and actually didn’t feel real on the stage. But after the performance, I was deeply impressed.
BOBBY: I was delighted that we receive the prize in the SEOUL MUSIC AWARDS with highest honor in country. I hope that we will get more prizes in future and we are willing to make efforts for it. And I felt happy as my parents were happy.

Q. What do you want to do as MOBB for the quality of music and performance?
MINO: I’d like to challenge unique music. Since I tried to follow the common taste for the normal people in this album, I hope to create unique music which sounds free.
BOBBY: for me, MOBB is the unit I feel real affection indeed. I’d like to sing more diverse songs as MOBB member and hope we can be on various stages like club or somewhere main stream belongs to.

Q. Please let us know your personal goal and wish
MINO: I want to be big one as artist. Bigger one than I am.
BOBBY: I’d like to make good songs and music and serve my parents devotedly.

Q. It was great performance. Thank you so much. Can I expect to see you guys in Japan?
MINO: Of course. And I’ve prepared the WINNER’s next album and hope you look forward to it.
BOBBY: Yeah, sure. Usually people said that it’d better not to expect too much since it might let you down. But I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed.
Japanese to Korean translation : @loveBisorn
Korean to English translation :@dcmino0330

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