[#W_NEWS] 170625 WINNER Shows their Soft Side as Puppy Daddies on Animal Farm



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[엑스포츠뉴스=김현정 기자] The charismatic idol group WINNER is also puppy and kitten daddies.

The second part of WINNER’s segment on SBS’s TV Animal Farm aired on June 25. The segment is titled “REAL DADDY DIARY”. 

WINNER has been living with a dog and three cats for two years now. Their names are Ote, Jonnie, Ray, and Bay. 

WINNER’s mornings start by taking care of their pets. MINO stepped on Ote’s poop and showed it to HOON. HOON freaked out and joked, “There’s a saying that goes it’s hard to find even dog poop when you really need it. Hope you use it well.” 

Ote shook his tail, and MINO showed his affection for Ote despite his little slip-up. MINO said, “I’m supposed to be stern, but I can’t. So, I think Ote is confused.” 

HOON felt bad for making fun of MINO, so he washed MINO’s feet. HOON said, “Ote is my baby, but I have a great affection for MINO. One could say I’ve raised him since he was a trainee.” 

Members were worried that Jonnie were being bullied by other pets, so they set up cameras to watch them. However, when the members were out, things were quite the opposite. Ote, who is always playful, became timid in front of Jonnie. Jonnie even stole Ote’s food and hit Ray. MINO said, “She’s not the outcast. She’s the leader. I’m shocked” and apologized to Ote for falsely accusing him of bullying Jonnie. 

It turned out that Ote, the only dog among the four pets, was the outcast. He lost confidence when the members were not around. WINNER members invited a pet specialist to boost Ote’s confidence. They played games to make Ote feel a sense of achievement. They even fixed him up with a female dog, and he seemed to be happier than ever before. 

Afterwards, WINNER took their pets to the YG recording studio. They made a song for their dog and cats to make special memories. YOON said, “I love having a role as a caregiver.” MINO said, “The work I do makes me feel empty sometimes, but I feel healed when I’m with them.” HOON said, “Ote will always be in my life no matter what.” 

[#W_TRANSLATE] 170618 Netizen Comments: ANIMAL FARM X WINNER


170618 WINNER on Animal Farm “Animal Farm” x WINNER, this is what fun pet-rearing looks like… Please become fixed cast

1. (+3045, -69] Kim Jinwoo is incredible. He raises his cats while taking allergy medication

2. [+2307, -63] They’re so cute aaaa

3. [+2003, -65] Time flies so quickly. It was so funny and I’m so happy we got to see how the members live together

4. (+1905, -92] Seriously, please have WINNER as a fixed cast… Please keep appearing on this show…

5. [+1643, -63] Wow, seriously~♥ It was so freaking funny~♥

6. [+604, -29] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seungyoon’s wanting to cry… But it was still really cute. I hope nothing too serious happened to Haute ㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+546, -27] It’s not easy to raise pets while promoting but they’re amazing…

8. (+538, -25] Their dorm is a house for their pets ㅎㅎ From the floor to the beds all over

9. [+458, -30] What to do with Seungyoon a a It’s so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+439, -27] I had fun watching it

11. (+390, -11] WINNER’s dorm looks so warm

12. [+401, -21] There were so many funny parts ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. [+390, -19] So they filmed it not too long after Seunghoon said he wanted to appear on the show during a radio appearance. It was so funny. I wish they become a fixed cast

14. [+369, -12] It’s really obvious that WINNER loves animals ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ WINNER have so much charms and their pets are so charming too

15. (+368, -12] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Rey, Bey, Haute, Jhonny’s dads and their uncle are so cute

16. [+355, -14] It was so funny

17. [+346, -13] WINNER’s love for animals is the best!!!

18. (+331, -13] Haute is so cute!!!!!!!!!

19. [+305, -12] WINNER overflows with love even to animals

20. [+298, -14] Ah, I want a pet too

21. [+271, -14] It’s difficult to trim cat claws and it seems like Song Mino is pretty experienced at it

22. [+265, -7] The house doesn’t look like an idol’s dorm aaaaa It looks like the pets’ dorm ㅋㅋㅋ With all those mats on all the rooms ㅋㅋㅋ

23. [+264, -8] So they were comforted by their pets during that difficult 2-year hiatus. I’m so happy that they’re doing so well this comeback. I feel so sorry that he needs to take allergy meds to live with the cats but they really look like a family.

24. (+272, -11] Kang Seungyoon ㅋㅋㅋ Watching him giving snacks to earn affection is like seeing me giving snacks to my nephews/nieces while asking for a kiss ㅋㅋㅋ

25. [+259, -7] YG doesn’t use connections to put WINNER on shows. WINNER receives offers and then they have to ask YG for permission. All the advertisements and variety shows that YG rejected so far, he’s accepting them now and WINNER is appearing on them. Don’t say things that sound like ‘WINNER got on through connections when they aren’t even good enough”

26. [+256, -7] I like WINNER so much because they don’t act fake and they don’t hide anything. I see this on every show they go on

27. [+255, -8] Seungyoon is so unbothered even when the cats ruined his really expensive chaira a The pets are so cute. Please appear on the show again

28. (+254, -8] But seriously, it was so realistic. Even if you love animals, if you’re not responsible, you can’t raise them. All the traces of the pets all over the house and furnitures;; People who raise pets inside their house are amazing

29. [+250, -7] WINNER members are genuine. Even though they’re under a big company, they don’t seem to be leeching off of that. They look like they’re succeeding on their own as self supporting singers.

30. [+246, -8] It’s my first time to see an idol group who live like that… They look like a family




Trans by : @chrisyy96_


Source: OSEN via NAVER

[#W_NEWS] 170618 WINNER Goes on Animal Farm with Their Pets


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[OSEN=박판석 기자] WINNER revealed their pets. Just seeing the members with their pets was interesting enough.

On June 18’s episode of SBS’s Animal Farm, WINNER appeared as a guest. They came to the studio set and revealed their group house, pets, and faces without any makeup through a pre-recorded video.

It’s been two years since WINNER had pets in their group house. They have three cats and a dog, all of which have become like family to them. HOON said, “We wanted to show our cute pets on Animal Farm.”

The biggest star was their dog Ote. Ote ran about the house and bothered the three cats. YOON saw the video and said, “Sometimes think that the cats are deliberately avoiding Ote.”

It’s not easy living with four pets. JINU even had to take medication to bathe them since he is allergic to cat fur. All the furniture in WINNER’s group house was damaged because of their pets.

WINNER members jointly take care of their pets. Even bathing them is not an easy job, and they help each other to take care of their four pets.

HOON said that having pets actually gives WINNER members more energy. He said, “I wouldn’t have been able to handle the pressure and loneliness if it weren’t for Ote.”

WINNER members even cooked for their pets. HOON and YOON made Chinese meatballs, and JINU and MINO made chicken tomatoes. Both the dishes looked delicious.

However, their pets chose the meatballs. They didn’t even try the chicken tomatoes. MINO said, “We don’t even cook for ourselves. We’re just happy our babies like what we made.”

Their pets were always on their minds even during their busy schedules. WINNER went straight to see their pets when they came home.

JINU can’t sleep with the cats because of his allergy, so YOON tried to sleep with them instead of him. However, he was not their favorite, and WINNER’s pets went out of his bed to sleep with their favorite members.

[#W_NEWS] 170618 Animal Farm “Don’t Misunderstand” SEUNGYOON, Cats Bed Partner

Animal Farm’ “Don’t Misunderstand” WINNER Kang Seungyoon, Cats Bed Partner,

WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon become the bed partner for two cats. However every morning he is abandoned.

On the 6/18 broadcast of SBS Animal Farm’ the group WINNER appeared with their 3 cats and 1 dog, and the Trial and Error Parenting Journal that they share together with their 4 pets was revealed

Different from the three members who each raise their own cats and dog, Kang Seungyoon is not raising a pet. As the only member in WINNER who does not have a pet, Kang Seungyoon said “I am raising myself drawing laughter

While asserting himself as the assistant butler or assistant owner to the members’ cats and dog, in reality Kang Seungyoon keenly took care of the members pets. In particular since Kim Jinwoo was unable to sleep with his cats due to his allergy, he slept with Rei and Bei in his room instead.

Kang Seungyoon said “Don’t misunderstand. Kim Jinwoo usually takes good care of his cats but because of his allergy he can’t sleep with them. That’s when they sleep with me”. He continued, “The cats don’t particularly express themselves that often. I like the kids and there are times when I’m disappointed when they only follow after their own owners, but l like that we can sleep together like this. They are my bed partners”, and laughed

However as soon as the sun comes up, Kang Seungyoon is abandoned by the two cats. Rei and Bei depart from Kang Seungyoon’s bed and sit waiting for the room’s door to open. As soon as Kim Jinwoo opened the door, the two cats ran out and once again Kang Seungyoon felt his disappointment.



1. As much right as he has to be disappointed, he takes care of them well.ㅋㅋㅋ [+174, -1]

2. ㅋㅋㅋ It was so funny. [+139, 0]

3. Kang Seungyoon was so cute[+129, -3]

4. lf it were me, I’d be disappointed [+114, -1]

5. It seems like Kang Seungyoon is going to need to raise a pet dog of his own. It was too sad to see him being abandoned him [120, -4]

6. Because of Jinwoo’s allergies TTTTTT. it was so nice to see  Seungyoon taking care of them well.  Jhonny Haute Rei  Bei, everyone are  cute. [+53, 0]

7. Kang Seungyoon oh gosh ㅋㅋㅋ It was so funㅋㅋㅋ[ +52, 01]

8. It’s true no matter how well the other people who live with you take care of them, they will always like their owners the best. But seeing how keenly he took care of them its completely obvious what a good personality Kang Seungyoon has [+51, 0]

9. l compliment the WINNER friends on their pet raising. It’d be nice if Jinwoo’s allergies got a little better. Seungyoon-ie is so thoughtful [+49, 0]

10.  When the cats didn ‘t look back and left n the morning it was so funny. [+47,0]


Trans by: @_suzino

Source: TV Reports via NAVER

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