[#W_NEWS] 170620 NJTTW4: MINO, Song Mojiri Evolves Song Finger (Song Dart Genius) & Na PD Fell into Despair

[Point 1 min] Song Mino, Song Mojiri evolves song finger (Song dart genius )and Na PD fell into despair.

[Jang Woo-yeong, Herold POP] Song Mino evolved from Song Mojiri to song finger (Song dart genius)

New entertainment program of tvN, New Journey to the West 4 aired at evening on 20th and goblins made challenge to new game, ‘Scary Chinese zombie game’

Goblins acquired chance to get from daily necessity to foreign car, playing the scary Chinese zombie game. Goblins who succeded in new challenge after many complications tried to get a chance by pushing reset button. And Song Mino pushed reset button exactly after doing spins.

As Song Mino got three chances from playing games again, he chose foreign car obviously. Na Young-seok PD was frustrated as Soong Mino successfully won the game, though it seems to be hopeless of success.



Trans by : @dcmino0330

Main Source: Heraldpop via NAVER

[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170620 WINNERCITY – 3 Hearts Transformation

[IG] 170620 winnercity 위너 보고싶은 인서들에게 전하는💌 차장님의 #하트3단변신💕 왠지 모르게 자꾸 반복재생 하고 싶어지는 영상이라니깐여😄 #지친상태지만 #하트는날리고싶고 #쉬고싶지만 #마음은전하고싶고 #나는지금 #눈조차 #깜빡이고싶지않다👀 #아무것도안하고있지만 #더욱더격렬하게 #아무것도안하고싶다 #like주말담당자모습 #송미남은 #인서보고싶어서 #채플확인중 #깡리더포착 @maetamong @realllllmino #HOONY #MINO #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER


[ENG] Deputy’s “3 hearts transformation 💕” for ICs who must miss WINNER 💌 For some reason, this video makes you want to constantly replay it 😁
#He was tires but wanted to make hearts #He wanted to rest but wanted to send his love #I don’t want to even blink right now 👀 #I’m not doing anything but I seriously want to really not do anything #just like the weekend admin #Song Handsome was missing ICs so he was checking CH+ #Filmed by Kkang Leader

trans by chrissy96_



[JPN] ウィノにあいたいインソたちに伝える💌次長の #ハート3段変身💕なぜか紙きりにリピート再生したくなる映像なんですよ😄 #疲れた状態ですが #ハートはとはしたい #休みたいけど #気持ちは伝えたい 私は今 #目さえも #まばたきしたくない👀 #なにもしてないけど #もっと強烈に #なにもしたくない #like週末の担当者の姿 #ソンミナムは #インソに会いたくて #チャペル確認中 #カンリーダー とらえた @maetamong @realllllmino #HOONY #MINO #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER

trans by linwinlinwin



[CHINESE] 给想WINNER的ic寄的💌 次长的 #爱心3段变身💕#不知道为什么总是播放想做的影像😄 #虽然是疲惫状态##但也想为你发射爱心##虽然想休息##但也心心念念想着你##我现在##眼睛##不想眨👀##虽然现在什么都不想做##非常激烈地##什么都不想做##像周末负责人的一样##宋美男##因为想看ic##礼拜确认中##姜leader捕捉的#@[email protected]#HOONY##MINO##WINNER##WINNERCITY##TEAMWINNER#

Trans by WINNER中文网官博



[#W_NEWS] 170619 Animal Farm PD, “WINNER becoming fixed cast? It is totally possible”

“Animal Farm” PD, “WINNER becoming fixed cast? It is totally possible”

WINNER, who wished to appear on SBS “Animal Farm”, will be appearing on the show. “Animal Farm”, a show that doesn’t seem to particularly suit idol groups, will show WINNER’s dorm where they live with a dog and 3 cats. Despite busy schedules, WINNER did all their best to film for the show.

Producer Lee Kyunghong of “Animal Farm” recently thanked WINNER for being as flexible as they can for the filming despite their busy schedules, “It isn’t possible to film ‘Animal Farm’ in a short period of time. Especially when an observation camera is put into place, we need to film the animals for a long time. The production crew needs to observe the animals and figure out the relationships between them. WINNER was really busy. Every time they had a moment to spare while following their schedules, they filmed for the show. There were days when we filmed all day long and there were days when we filmed for a short time. There were days when we filmed without WINNER but all in all, we filmed for about a week.”

Despite being busy, the hard-earned footage contains the realistic portrayal of WINNER and their pets eating, sleeping, and playing. PD Lee stated, “We filmed how WINNER live with their pets and their thoughts on their pets very realistically. We will reveal them sleeping, eating, and playing together. The members each have a pet they’re in charge of raising and they also have assigned roles. That will be shown on the first part and the second part will focus on the relationships among the 4 pets.”

Is there a possibility that WINNER and their 4 pets will become a fixed part of the show? PD Lee Kyunghong answered, “It is totally possible. WINNER has a lot of love for animals and they care for them well. This time, the plan is for them to appear in 2 episodes. We’re not confirming anything but we can discuss the possibility of them becoming part of the fixed cast after both episodes are broadcasted.”

WINNER raises 3 cats and a dog at their dorm. Lee Seunghoon owns a male Italian Greyhound named Haute, Kim Jinwoo raises two male sphinx cats named Rey and Bey, and Song Mino raises a female munchkin cat named Jhonny. Their bustling lifestyle will be broadcasted on the 18th and the 25th.

Trans: @chrissy96_
Source: OSEN Talk via NAVER

[#W_TRANSLATE] 170618 Netizen Comments: ANIMAL FARM X WINNER


170618 WINNER on Animal Farm “Animal Farm” x WINNER, this is what fun pet-rearing looks like… Please become fixed cast

1. (+3045, -69] Kim Jinwoo is incredible. He raises his cats while taking allergy medication

2. [+2307, -63] They’re so cute aaaa

3. [+2003, -65] Time flies so quickly. It was so funny and I’m so happy we got to see how the members live together

4. (+1905, -92] Seriously, please have WINNER as a fixed cast… Please keep appearing on this show…

5. [+1643, -63] Wow, seriously~♥ It was so freaking funny~♥

6. [+604, -29] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seungyoon’s wanting to cry… But it was still really cute. I hope nothing too serious happened to Haute ㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+546, -27] It’s not easy to raise pets while promoting but they’re amazing…

8. (+538, -25] Their dorm is a house for their pets ㅎㅎ From the floor to the beds all over

9. [+458, -30] What to do with Seungyoon a a It’s so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+439, -27] I had fun watching it

11. (+390, -11] WINNER’s dorm looks so warm

12. [+401, -21] There were so many funny parts ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. [+390, -19] So they filmed it not too long after Seunghoon said he wanted to appear on the show during a radio appearance. It was so funny. I wish they become a fixed cast

14. [+369, -12] It’s really obvious that WINNER loves animals ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ WINNER have so much charms and their pets are so charming too

15. (+368, -12] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Rey, Bey, Haute, Jhonny’s dads and their uncle are so cute

16. [+355, -14] It was so funny

17. [+346, -13] WINNER’s love for animals is the best!!!

18. (+331, -13] Haute is so cute!!!!!!!!!

19. [+305, -12] WINNER overflows with love even to animals

20. [+298, -14] Ah, I want a pet too

21. [+271, -14] It’s difficult to trim cat claws and it seems like Song Mino is pretty experienced at it

22. [+265, -7] The house doesn’t look like an idol’s dorm aaaaa It looks like the pets’ dorm ㅋㅋㅋ With all those mats on all the rooms ㅋㅋㅋ

23. [+264, -8] So they were comforted by their pets during that difficult 2-year hiatus. I’m so happy that they’re doing so well this comeback. I feel so sorry that he needs to take allergy meds to live with the cats but they really look like a family.

24. (+272, -11] Kang Seungyoon ㅋㅋㅋ Watching him giving snacks to earn affection is like seeing me giving snacks to my nephews/nieces while asking for a kiss ㅋㅋㅋ

25. [+259, -7] YG doesn’t use connections to put WINNER on shows. WINNER receives offers and then they have to ask YG for permission. All the advertisements and variety shows that YG rejected so far, he’s accepting them now and WINNER is appearing on them. Don’t say things that sound like ‘WINNER got on through connections when they aren’t even good enough”

26. [+256, -7] I like WINNER so much because they don’t act fake and they don’t hide anything. I see this on every show they go on

27. [+255, -8] Seungyoon is so unbothered even when the cats ruined his really expensive chaira a The pets are so cute. Please appear on the show again

28. (+254, -8] But seriously, it was so realistic. Even if you love animals, if you’re not responsible, you can’t raise them. All the traces of the pets all over the house and furnitures;; People who raise pets inside their house are amazing

29. [+250, -7] WINNER members are genuine. Even though they’re under a big company, they don’t seem to be leeching off of that. They look like they’re succeeding on their own as self supporting singers.

30. [+246, -8] It’s my first time to see an idol group who live like that… They look like a family




Trans by : @chrisyy96_


Source: OSEN via NAVER

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