Kang Seung Yoon (강승윤/カン・スンユン/姜胜允)

Position: Vocals/Leader

Birthdate: January 21, 1994

Height: 178cm

Weight: 54kg

Blood Type: B

Star Sign: Aquarius

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Education: Busan Music and Arts High School

Hobby: Composing, writing lyrics, drawing

Talent: Billiard

Family: Mother

Pet(s): a puddle dog named Thor (M)

  • Learned to play guitar in 8th grade
  • Took lessons in classic guitars and billiards
  • Became Busan’s representative billiards player after winning national competition in Busan
  • Shares a bank account with his mom
  • Owns many shoes
  • Like skinship the most within the member
2010I’ll Write You a LetterTop 6 (My Story)
2010InstinctivelyUp to 11
2011You Are HeavenMidas OST
2011Have You Ever Fallen in Love(Non-album releases)
2012Smile, My Love (with Lee Juck)High Kick 3 OST
2013It Rains(Non-album releases)
2013Wild and Young(Non-album releases)
2013Stealer(Non-album releases)
2014Wild Boy (With Song Mino)March 2014 Monthly Project by Yoon Jong Shin
20150+1We Broke Up OST
2015Two of Us (with Sandara Park)We Broke Up OST
2015We Broke Up (with Sandara Park)We Broke Up OST
2016Don’t ForgetHalf Moon Friends OST
2016YouLove for a Thousand More OST
YearAlbumSongLyrics CreditedLyrics WithMusic CreditedMusic With
2010Top 6 (My Story)I’ll Write You a LetterYesNo
2013FINALE BATTLE (WHO IS NEXT: WIN)Just Another BoyNoYesSong Mino, Nam Taehyun, Teddy
2013FINALE BATTLE (WHO IS NEXT: WIN)Go UpYesSong Mino, Lee SeunghoonYes
20142014 S/SColor RingYesSong Mino, Lee SeunghoonYesHam Seungchun, Kang Wookjin, Jo Sung-hwak, Dee.P
20142014 S/SLove is a LieNoYesSong Mino, The Fliptones
20142014 S/SDifferentYesSong Mino, Lee SeunghoonYesSong Mino
20142014 S/SSmile AgainYesSong Mino, Lee SeunghoonYesSong Mino, Dee.P
2015We Broke Up OST0+1YesYes
2015We Broke Up OSTTwo of UsYesNo
2015We Broke Up OSTTodayYesNo
2015We Broke Up OSTWe Broke UpYesYesHam Seung-chung, Kang Wook-Jin
2016Exit:EImmatureYesSong Mino, Lee SeunghoonYesKang Wook-jin
2017Fate Number ForReally ReallyYesSong Mino, Lee SeunghoonYesKang Wook-jin, Song Mino
2017Fate Number ForFoolYesYesAirplay
2017Our Twenty ForLove Me Love MeYesSong Mino, Lee SeunghoonYesFuture Bounce, Song Mino
2017Our Twenty ForIslandYesBekuh Boom, Song Mino, Lee SeunghoonYesBekuh Boom, Future Bounce