Kim Jin Woo (김진우/キム・ジヌ)

Position: Vocals/Eldest

Birthday: September 26, 1991

Height: 176cm

Weight: 58kg

Blood Type: A

Star Sign: Libra

Hometown: Imja Island, South Korea

Education: Joy Dance Academy

Hobby: Swimming

Talent: Acting

Family: Father, mother, two sisters (one younger, one older)

Pet(s): two Sphynx cats named Rei (M) and Bei (M)

  • The longest trainee period in YG
  • The oldest and the shortest member
  • Nicknames:
    • Imjado Prince
    • Soseumi (a combination of “cow” and “deer” in Korean. The K-fans gave him this nickname because Jinwoo has large and shiny eyes, similar to those two animals.)
    • The International Lost Kid
    • Chili’s Powder Son (his nickname in Imjado Island)
  • Famous with Matnae (the oldest member with cute or maknae image)
  • The 1st Kpop idol that cast in contemporary dance production (The Little Prince)

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