[#W_STORY] 160817 ATEMENNIE says “I fell in love with WINNER…”

I fell in love with Winner during WINNER TV❣❣❣❣❣
Who would not LOVE WINNER⁉️ with 5 members besides being handsome and tall. They do have different talents and personalities. WINNER is a blessing to all InCles all over the world 😍❣👏🏼

We don’t have only just awesome singers but have also have composers, artists, dancers, guitarist, drummer, pianist ~~ need I say more❓❓❓

From the supportive & awesome Kang Leader SeungYoon who’s an actor, a rocker, composer & have an amazing vocals.

SeungHoon our baby lion who’s an awesome dancer & choreographer, a cook, a rapper & have a great sense of humor .

JinWoo hyung who’s pretty & úBer handsome with hot abs 😜 an actor and also have wonderful vocals.

Mino our huge boy who’s handsome that have long eyelashes with deep voice power rapper, a composer, an artist & always adorkable 😜

And lastly our Maknae Diva TaeHyun sexy & pretty face, talented composer, with incredible vocals, an actor, an artist & have chocolate abs😍

Who knows what else WINNER can do ⁉️Our WOT5❤️ always give wonderful surprise to InCles and each everyone they do meet and encounter❣

WINNER always appreciate and shows concern and love to InCles so how can you not LOVE them more and more ❣❣❣❣❣




USA Incle

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