Winner (Hangul: 위너) is a South Korean boy group formed in 2013 by YG Entertainment and debuted in 2014. It currently consists of four members, Jinwoo, Seunghoon, Mino and Seungyoon. Originally a five-piece, Taehyun later departed from the group in November 2016. The group was formed through the 2013 reality survival program WIN: Who is Next, where they competed as “Team A” against other trainees from YG Entertainment

[#W_PROJECT] Melon and Genie Stream Pass Purchase through K-IC

March 24-26th (KST), Melon and Genie Stream pass purchase through KIC

Through a collaboration with Korean ICs (KICs), we are now able to offer the following passes at a cheaper price which is more cost efficient. Below are the different types of passes we offer our service for.

Picture credited to amaranthine, @KNKSLP1025

**Please add $0.50 USD to the pass price for a total of $7.50USD to account for Paypal and withdrawal fees

For more information about how each of the passes contribute to the charts please view this link (by amaranthine, @KNKSLP1025):

Terms and conditions:

  • All passes will be purchased between 2-3 April 2017
  • As the prices stated are rounded up, balance will be 100% donated to Korean Streamteam and be used for individual downloads
  • All purchases must follow the submission format as stated below


Purchasing of pass:

Through country representative

Thailand: @INNERCIRCLE_TH (twitter)
France: @Winner_France (twitter)
Philippines: @heartsKJW_26 (twitter)
Europe: @worldwidecircle (twitter)
Singapore: @adorehoon (twitter)
Mexico: @winnermx (twitter) / @WINNERMexico (facebook) / @winnermexico (IG) / WINNER MÉXICO (word press)
Indonesia: @rempongcircle (twitter) / @rempongcircle (IG)

*More countries to be added later. DM us on twitter @_w_incle if you want to be a country representative
Please send an email to us in the following format after you have made the fund transfer to our Paypal. We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we have checked that we have received your payment.

Subject title:

[Melon] yourname- number of passes wanted
[Genie] yourname- number of passes wanted
[Melon&Genie] yourname


  • Your name/nickname
  • The type of pass you wish to purchase (to prevent confusion please use the exact phrasing as stated in our table)
  • ID and password of the melon/genie account that you wish to purchase the pass under (**note that if you are purchasing Genie 100 streamings x5, you are required to submit 5 Genie accounts together with their passwords)
  • Proof of transaction (Screenshot of payment confirmation page)

Our paypal: [email protected]
Our email: [email protected]



[#W_RECRUIT] 170220 Want to be Part of Our W-INCLE Family?


Hello my fellow Park Inseos! 💙💜

Would you like to join our W-INCLE Family? Yes?😀 No?🙁 Maybe?🤔

We would love for you to be a part of our W-INCLE Family! Just click on the link below. Join us today! Why wait? Let’s do our best for WINNER! #InclesForWINNER 

LINK: Join the W-INCLE Family

*Image designed by Marcia of W_DESIGN TEAM! 💙

[#W_DONATE] K-IC Fund for WINNER’s Comeback


Hello Global Inner Circle!

K-IC (@winner_strm) is funding for MelOn music download and stream for WINNER’s comeback!

Contact us if you want to donate but don’t have PayPal.

Below countries already have representaives:

Indonesia – Malaysia – Singapore – France – Mexico – Europe

*If you can be country representative, please contact us directly


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