[#W_INSTAGRAM] 160701 SEUNGHOON Instagram Update of MaetamongTV Testing Broadcast

[IG] 160701 maetamong: MaetamongTV testing broadcast #IThinkItWillBeAHit

MH: I have low blood pressure right now
SY: That’s hereditary
MH: Did you say that’s my family’s charm?
[Something is wrong with his ears]
SY: Hereditary
JW: So cute haha
SY: Hey but what’s that in your nostril
SY: Is your nose running?
MH: It’s a piercing
SY: Is it a new form of piercing? 

SY: It’s really… cool
JW: There’s so much tissue inside
SY: I feel like your nose is really flexible
MH: Do you want me to make one for you?
SY: No it’s ok, I don’t need it
MH: Come here 

MH: [Pleased^^]

trans cr: @chrissy96_


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