[#W_SUBBED] 170508 WINNER on Weekly Idol (Soft Subbed)


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Soft subbed ep 301 of Weekly Idol with guests WINNER.

[#W_NEWS] 170503 WINNER Proves Their Flattery Skills on Weekly Idol

WINNER Proves Their Flattery Skills on Weekly Idol


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[TV리포트=김수정 기자] WINNER proves that they are really good at flattery.

WINNER went on MBC Everyone’s Weekly Idol that aired on May 3. They made everyone in the studio laugh with their humor and wit. The best part was the messages that they exchanged with YG Entertainment’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK. 

WINNER has been known for posting comments to butter YANG HYUN SUK up. In particular, LEE SEUNGHOON’s flattery skills were enough to surprise the emcees and the members. Jung Hyung-don even said, “There has never been someone like you in the history of our show.” 

SEUNGHOON texted to YANG HYUN SUK, “I felt emotional and I had mixed feelings.” The words that he used to flatter YANG HYUN SUK was so extreme that Jung Hyung-dong said, “Are you trying to become his son or something?” and made everyone laugh.  

SEUNGHOON is known for going to the YG Entertainment office even when he doesn’t need to. KANG SEUNGYOON joked, “He’s like an employee. It’s as if he’s working for YG and checking the plans and work progress.” 

Following the emcees suggestion, WINNER members sent a message to YANG HYUN SUK in the group chat room, “Hyung-don and Dae-jun want to have lunch with you some day.” YANG HYUN SUK sent a witty reply saying, “I’ll be willing to any time, but it won’t be on me. I’ve never seen them face-to-face. Since it will be the first time, tell them to bring a 50-year slavery contract. And we’ll be dividing the profits 10 to 0.” 

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[#W_SUBBED] 141022 WINNER on Weekly Idol

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