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[IG] 170421 WINNERCITY 예능多왕을 노리는 위너의 공중파 예능 데뷔작 ‘마리텔’에 이어 오늘은 ‘백종원의 3대천왕’이 차려져있다지요 🙌 그런 의미에서 위너의 요리담당 요섹남 이차장님이 제보하신 마리텔 사진으로 위너시티에 살짝 밥숟갈 🍴얹어봅니다 #마리텔위너 #위너는위너 #뭐냐 #게슈탈트붕괴 #요섹남 #파스타천재🍝 #이승훈쉐프의킥 #할라피뇨 #스뉸아루 #예능감뿜뿜 #YG사내식당내공 #배고픔이뭐죠 #본방사수해줘잉 #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER



[ENG] WINNER, who wants to become kings of variety shows, debuted on groundwave variety shows with “My Little Television” and today they will be on “Baek Jongwon’s 3 Great Emperors” 🙌 On that note, WINNERCITY will post this photo WINNER took at MLT sent by Deputy Lee, Sexy Cooking Man who is in charge of cooking in WINNER 🍴
#MLT WINNER #Winner is WINNER #Gestaltzerfall #Sexy Cooking Man #Pasta Genius 🍝 #Chef Lee Seunghoon’s kick #jalapeño #Seu-nyoon and Aru (nicknames) #Overflowing with variety sense #Thanks to the YG cafeteria #What is “hunger”? #Don’t miss it (aegyo)
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[#W_NEWS] 170416 WINNER Sacrifices Hips to Win on MLT

WINNER Sacrifices Hips to Win on MLT

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[헤럴드POP=강보라 기자] WINNER became the winner.

In the 95th episode of MBC’s “My Little Television MLT)” on April 15, WINNER did a show under the title of “Who is Winner?”

It was WINNER’s first national TV variety show appearance as a group. In the first half of the show, WINNER got the highest viewers, signaling a good start. KANG SEUNGYOON showed off his humor like he did before in other variety shows. SONG MINHO was funny as expected: he has been so funny in variety shows these days that he earned many nicknames such as “seaweed”. WINNER taking the first place in the first half of the show was an amazing achievement considering that seasoned entertainers such as Kim Gura and YOO BYUNG JAE were also doing their own shows on MLT.  

In the beginning of the second half of MLT, WINNER performed “REALLY REALLY”, the song they released to break their 14-month hiatus. But viewers of MLT were not able to listen to the entire song because the show was recorded before the song was released. WINNER was eager to entertain the viewers so much so that they performed their new song even before its release.

Then, WINNER played a game in which members had to break wooden chopsticks with their hips. KANG SEUNGYOON was explaining the rules of the game and unconsciously mentioned something about balls, making everyone laugh. While he was showing how to play the game, his underwear got revealed. Members made fun of him and teased him about his colorful underwear saying, “Did you put this on for this show?” Meanwhile, SONG MINHO was full of big talk. SONG MINHO bluffed,” Wooden chopsticks are too easy for me, so I practice with metal chopsticks”. He broke the wooden chopsticks easily and went down the stage with a winner’s smile.

LEE SEUNGHOON started frowning as they added the number of chopsticks. He dropped down on the floor and tried to persuade other to stop playing the game. However, WINNER was eager to go on. KIM JINWOO and SONG MINHO failed breaking 10 chopsticks, leaving KANG SEUNGYOON and LEE SEUNGHOON to compete for the winner title. KANG SEUNGYOON was determined to win, and he succeeded in breaking 10 chopsticks. Viewers urged him to try 12 chopsticks, and even though other members tried to stop him, KANG SEUNGYOON took on the challenge.

Everyone knew it was going to be painful, but they cheered him anyway. KANG SEUNGYOON finally broke 12 chopsticks, and LEE SEUNGHOON made everyone laugh saying, “We have succeeded in keeping SEUNGYOON intact.” However, some viewers raised concern that the game may have caused harm to particular parts of their body and making them a girl group. WINNER responded by saying they are a coed team. In total, WINNER broke 80 chopsticks that day. WINNER recorded the highest number of viewers at the end of MLT, and LEE SEUNGHOON got the most votes for the funniest



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