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WINNER’s WELCOMING COLLECTION DVD Lee Seunghoon – Truck Print t-shirt by Nhivuru, sold out for the grey one Photo: winnerxfun NOTE: Seunghoon’s Nhivuru t-shirt is slightly different than the grey t-shirt, but it was the only Nhivuru t-shirt (from Spring/Summer 2012 collection) that I found that looks almost similar to Hoon’s.

WINNER’s WELCOMING COLLECTION DVD Lee Seunghoon – White Tank Top by HSQD, KRW33,000 Photo: winnerxfun

150123 – Incheon airport Kang Seungyoon – iPhone 6 case by Velei, price may vary in many online stores, including G-Market Photo: Hankyung TV

WINNER NYC Week Kim Jinwoo – Cherish 11 bag by Ladodo, KRW360,000 Photo: Naver

150109 РIncheon airport  Kim Jinwoo Р28-inch A1230 luggage by Inanna, KRW117,880 Photo: Imjado Prince

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