[#W_SUBBED] 170508 WINNER on Weekly Idol (Soft Subbed)

Credit to Chrissy96hyebinie_

Soft subbed ep 301 of Weekly Idol with guests WINNER.

[#W_HMF] 160430 WINNER in Half Moon Friends Episode 2

160430 WINNER – Half Moon Friends Episode 2 (PART 1 / PART 2)


[#W_HMF] 160426 WINNER Sings Sentimental at Half Moon Friends

[360 VR] WINNER – Sentimental ♪ (Acoustic Ver.) on Half Moon Friends


[#W_INSTAGRAM] 160424 TAEHYUN Instagram Update of Namwoo & Jungwoo Dancing to Sentimental

[IG] 160424 souththth: Sing me a lullaby* For you guys, I, your teacher, your hyung, I, you know, your teacher, what do you want me to do #NamwooJungwoo (*Sentimental lyrics)


[#W_PERFORMANCE] 160319 WINNER Performs at Tokyo Girls Collection

160319 WINNER – Love Is A Lie, Just Another Boy (Jap ver.) + Sentimental @ Tokyo Girls Collection

(Source: 19940121 Ksy)


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