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[#W_INSTAGRAM] 160111 SEUNGYOON IG Entry Night Updates With WINNER

w_n_r00: Good night while listening to Pricked w_n_r00: Have strength, Pricked!! #WINNER #PRICKED

[#W_TRANSLATE] MINO & TAEHYUN ‘사랑가시 (Pricked)’ Lyrics

MINO Please leave me without saying anything Please close those pretty lips don’t torment me Without those traces that were so beautiful that it swallowed the darkness These regrets hurt me, is this what you wanted TAEHYUN To me, to me, why, why When are you going to let me go You, you, why, why…

[#W_INSTAGRAM] 160111 MINO Pricked Artwork

realllllmino: 사랑가시? #EXIT #WINNER #PRICKED (s/n: this is the artwork mino created for the “pricked” album cover)

[#W_PROMOTE] 160110 WINNER Entry Single ‘사랑가시 (PRICKED)’ Counter


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