Hug Me (South Club)

[#TH_INSTAGRAM] 170526 TAEHYUN’s IG Update – Album Will Be Release On June

[IG] 170526 SOUTHTHTH: 선공개 곡 Hug Me는
그냥 몸풀기
6월 중에 나올 앨범은
사랑에 관한 달달한 가사 같은거 없음
자유롭지만 날카롭게 너희들을 꼬집을 곡들이다
아 기대해주세요 !

[#TH_INSTAGRAM] 170524 TAEHYUN’s IG Update – Part Of Hug Me Lyrics

[IG] 170524 SOUTHTHTH: 악플러분들 실제로 만나면 한마디도 못하실꺼면서 ~ >_<

5/26 금 싱글 ‘Hug Me’ 공개

욕하면서도 노래 다 들을꺼면서!



When you actually meet the haters. They can’t even say a word. ~ >_<
Thank you!

5/26 Gold single ‘Hug Me’ released

While you’re cursing me out, also listen to all the songs.
*It’s like when you’re at it, just listen to the song*
(trans by SOUTH_BUYERS)

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