[#W_TRANSLATE] 180418 WINNER on Ji Sukjin’s 2 o’clock date’

“#1 in income is Song Mino”, on ‘ 2 o’clock date Ji Sukjin’; WINNER is honest, makes them more likeable.

On the radio broadcast on MBC FM4U on the 18th ‘ 2 o’clock date Ji Sukjin’ WINNER appeared as a guest. On the day, because Song Mino had other schedules, so he couldn’t attend.

On the day, WINNER explained their new song EVERYDAY that is a ‘spring and summer feel hip hop song’. They also explained why the alphabet A is replaced by 4 in their album title ‘EVERYD4Y’. “Last 4/4 we received a lot of love for RR, so it seemed like the number 4 is bringing good luck, so we incorporated it”.

Ji Sukjin said, “My wife really likes RR, but because I find it hard to pronounce so I can’t do it, it’s a shame”.

Kang Seungyoon said “if you say ‘weill lei weill lei’ it’s easy”. Ji Sukjin followed and said, “Now I can do it” which brought laughter.

On the day, WINNER travelled on Eun Jiwon’s car. WINNER said, “we thought that we should work harder. Jiwon hyung’s car is really nice”. They added, “Our car is the standard, but Jiwon hyung could decorate his own car after buying it. His car is business class. and ours is economy”.

Jinwoo confessed that he becomes another person when he drinks alcohol “I talk a lot and move around a lot”. Lee Seunghoon said,”He drinks with Yang CEO. Jinwoo hyung is Yang CEO’s buddy. There are even photos for evidence.” He added, “I would like to think the people that could be Yang CEO’s buddy is at GD hyung and Taeyang hyung’s level” bringing laughter.

Kang Seungyoon was asked if he was a music genius, he said, “I don’t think I am”. The members said “he is really the hard working type. He writes a lot of songs, only a few songs get revealed out of a 100” complimenting him.

Kang Seungyoon was asked about royalties “It’s at the level where I can maintain my daily life. I think it’s at the point where in a year I can buy a car. Because I don’t have a car, I don’t know the exact prices”.

It was also revealed that Song Mino is the member that earns the most. Lee Seunghoon said “He’s number one in income, but he never really buys us meals” which brought laughter. Kang Seungyoon is the member that buys the most.

Kang Seungyoon said “Song Mino doesn’t buy meals and cars but saves up for bigger presents. A few days ago, he bought a tablet PC”

Credit: @escpaelaska

[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170823 Jung Yumi’s FM Date IG – WINNER

[IG] 170823 ymfmdate [#정유미의FM데이트-20170823]
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[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170821 KBS Kiss the Radio IG – WINNER

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[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170821 KBS Kiss the Radio IG – WINNER

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