[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170608 SBS Now IG – WINNER Guest on Animal Farm

[IG] 160608 sbsnow_insta 위너는 지금 동물농장 스튜디오 촬영 준비 중!
6월 18일, 25일 일요일 아침 9시반에 만나요♡

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[IG] 170605 highcutstar #HIGHCUT_200th_Event
#하이컷 과 함께 했던 스타들이 200호 축하 즉석 포토를 남겨주었어요.👍🏻 세상에 단 하나뿐인 즉석 포토를 독자분들께 드립니다!🎉🎁
한시도 쉬지 않던 장난꾸러기들이지만, 촬영만 들어가면 really really 카리스마 뿜뿜이었던 그들.😊😆
하이컷 200호 축하 댓글과 함께 영상 속 스타의 이름을 해시태그로 남겨주세요. 한 분을 추첨하여 선물로 드립니다.
(@highcutstar를 팔로우하는 센스도 잊지 마시고요☺️)
✔기간 : ~ 내일(6월 6일) 낮 12시
✔발표 : 6월 7일 17시 본 포스팅 공지 & 당첨자 DM 발송
*하나의 계정으로 여러 개의 댓글을 남기셔도 한 번만 카운팅 됩니다.

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[#W_NEWS] 170529 LONGEVITY, Variety Shows, Sing-Alongs … WINNER’s 8 weeks that was REALLY REALLY intense.

“Longevity, Variety Shows, Sing-Alongs”… WINNER’s 8 weeks that was REALLY REALLY intense
Boy group WINNER carried out their best ever promotions with “REALLY REALLY” this year. They succeeded in longevity on charts, appeared on multiple variety shows, and proved that anyone sings along to “REALLY REALLY”.

This album that WINNER made a comeback with was the first after they reorganized themselves as 4 members (Kang Seungyoon, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon, Song Mino) and it marked 1 year and 2 months since their last promotion period. As a group that makes their own music, their burden was that much heavy. Despite the difficult time they were going through, the teamwork between the members became stronger and they showed their best to the world and they were met with brilliant results.

# Unique release time of 4PM —> Took 4 hours to chart #1

After the change in chart system, deciding to release an album at 4PM was surprising and unusual. Almost all singers release their music at 6PM because it is when most people get off from schools and companies and it is the last hour that reflects the live charts. Despite this, WINNER came back at the fated time “4”PM and rose to #6 at 5PM. Afterwards, the song kept rising and reached #1 at 9PM, 4 hours after the release.

# First place + Rising in charts + Longevity, The combination of the 3

Longevity on the charts is as meaningful of an indicator as achieving #1 on the music charts these days in the music industry. WINNER achieved #1 with “REALLY REALLY” on the music charts, the song fell slightly and then rose up again, and then achieved longevity. In the second week of May, six weeks since release, they recorded #4 on the MelOn chart (#3 on the live chart). That weekend, MBC “Infinite Challenge” played “REALLY REALLY” and the public looked for and listened to WINNER’s song again. However, it cannot be said that this was just because of the variety show’s playing the song as its longevity is still currently ongoing. Although this week is the 9th week since release, the song is at #7 on live charts and continues to stay at the top of music charts despite the numerous new song releases.

# 5,000,000 streams & 2,000,000 unique listeners

WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY” reached over 5 million streams in the Gaon chart number of streams that is announced every Thursday. At one week since release, it was 6th place (3,999,418), at two weeks since release, it was 3rd place (5,393,575), at three weeks since release, it was 4th place (5,062,680), at four weeks since release, it was 7th place (4,551,837), at five weeks since release, it was 6th place (4,398,777), at six weeks since release, it was 3rd place (5,000,151), and at seven weeks since release, it was 7th place (4,924,110). It was also surprising how there were no significant decrease in number. Reaching over 5 million streams itself is not an easy feat and WINNER’s record that was made at two weeks since release is the best record for a boy group song that have been released this year. Additionally, they reached 2,056,529 unique listeners on MelOn, a number that disregards overlapping listeners which had their name enter the MelOn Hall of Fame. This record easily surpasses WINNER’s debut song “Empty” which recorded 1,650,000 unique listeners.

# From music shows to variety shows… “You’ll see WINNER when you turn on the TV”

Two days before their comeback date, April 4th, WINNER recorded the live broadcast of MBC “My Little Television” MLT-47. They aspired to be the winners of variety shows at the time and had the most number of viewers of the live broadcast which marked their start in proving their variety sensibility. They actively went on variety shows such as MBCeveryl “Weekly Idol”, MBC “Thinking of Oppa”, “Infinite Challenge” (Kim Jinwoo), and “Radio Star” (Song Mino, Special MC Kang Seungyoon). On the 20th, WINNER was on TV for 4 hours straight from “Music Core” to “Thinking of Oppa” and then “Infinite Challenge” which became WINNER’s “variety show day”. Many are looking forward to Song Mino’s appearance on tvN “New Journey to the West 4″ and all 4 members’ appearance on SBS ‘TV Animal Farm” which will be broadcasted soon. Meanwhile, from their “Music Core” debut on April 8th to their last day of official promotions on May 28th on SBS “Inkigayo” stage, they performed on the music show stage for 8 consecutive weeks.

# University festivals + people singing along to a boy group song
On the 25th, WINNER performed at the Dongguk University Seoul Campus Festival. It is more common for girl groups to be invited to university festivals than boy groups but WINNER was invited and led the excitement of the crowd. It is said that the Dongguk University students’ singing along to “REALLY REALLY” shook the stadium. It was a moment that showed how big of a hit WINNER’s song is.

Trans: @chrissy96_


Originally Posted at WINNERTIZEN

1. (+616, -2) Praise and support for 4-member WINNER (parody of a catch phrase in the show Knowing Brothers, ‘Praise for ~~/칭찬해’).

2. (+545, -1) The more I listen to it the more I love it!!WINNER fighting!!

3. (+537, -2) Exactly, so show us yourself more oftenㅜㅜ Chairman Yang Hyunsuk please let us see these talented guys more often.

4. (+526, -2) I think the song will climb back up the charts when summer comes. It’s been 2 months since release and still very high on MELON chart ranking. It’d be great if they get the SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD.

5. (+483, -22) Interestingly, I can’t get sick of this song.. gotta admit that the song is great! also gotta admit that MINO is coolㅋㅋㅋ

6. (+244, -1) I became a fan of WINNER after listening to their amazing song, watching amazing performances, seeing their amazing fashion styles, and realising each member’s charms from different variety shows. REALLY REALLY so well made that it does not get tiring no matter how many times you listen to it every single day. FOOL is great too. The public response is so good, so YG’s gotta let them come back in the summer like they wish.

7. (+242, -1) This album promotion has really made a name for WINNER as an artist. I am looking forward to their next album.

8. (+230, -0) I’ve been listening to the song nonstop whenever I drive to work ever since the song came out. It just makes me feel so happy when I listen to it while driving..Guess there is a reason why the song is a long-running hit: it’s good.

9. (+215, -2) REALLY REALLY, a great song and KANGKIMSONGLEE, such lovely people~~~Let’s continue the success for a long time~~


[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170530 SBS Now IG Post – WINNER Inkigayo Goodbye Stage

[IG] 170530 sbsnow_insta 한장만보면 아쉬우니까…☞☜
위너 ‘인기가요’ 막방 비하인드컷!
인기가요 일요일 오후 12시 10분 InKiGaYo Ep.912
#강승윤 #이승훈 #송민호 #김진우 #위너 #인기가요 #WINNER #Seunghoon #Jinwoo #Mino #Seungyoon #Inkigayo #SBSNOW



[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170530 SBS Now IG Post – WINNER Inkigayo Goodbye Stage

[IG] 170530 sbsnow_insta 혼자보기 아까워서 하드를 탈탈!
잔망미 터진 위너 ‘REALLY REALLY’ 하트샷!
인기가요 일요일 오후 12시 10분 InKiGaYo Ep.912
#강승윤 #이승훈 #송민호 #김진우 #위너 #인기가요 #WINNER #Seunghoon #Jinwoo #Mino #Seungyoon #Inkigayo #SBSNOW



[#W_TRANSLATE] 170528 WINNER Gimpo Fansign: FATE NUMBER FOR Members’ Ending Comment with Fancams

170528 Gimpo Fansign Members’ Ending Comment



I think the last 2 months of promotions will be the most memorable for me. I learned about what being thankful really means and I was really happy and it was all possible thanks to you all waiting for us and supporting us, which we are really grateful for. I don’t want you to wait for us again so we’ll work hard on our music and come back as fast as possible. Thank you so much everyone and I love you.


You can say it was a long 2 months but you can say it was short too. But I was really happy and I really, really enjoyed this promotion period. Personally, thanks to you all, I improved a lot and I gained a lot of confidence. I’m really thankful and I’ll become a Kim Jinwoo who is more confident. Thank you so much for coming to all our music show recordings despite how late/early it can get/be and about our comeback, our next album… Seungyoon will make a great song and we’ll comeback quickly! Thank you!

JINWOO Fancams +Subbed



We took longer than expected to prepare for this album, right? And many things happened while we were preparing. Thank you to everyone who stayed with us through that difficult time. We’re really thankful and we don’t know how to express that gratefulness. The moment we can never forget after we debuted is during WWIC in Seoul when we sang Empty while walking up the stage and we saw all the blue WINNER lightsticks fill up the arena. That memory is so clear in our minds. We will work hard to have a concert to recreate that moment so we can all see that sight again as quickly as possible. Also, not just the fans who got into the fansign, but all of our ICs who came to take photos and shared this day with us, and everyone who stopped by and became ICs today… Hyungnim, you’re going to be an IC from today, right? Thank you for spending time with us today everyone, I love you all!


I don’t have much power but I will make sure we don’t have a hiatus this time. Releasing music is another story but I will do everything to make sure that we go on broadcasts and variety shows often so that there is no hiatus. This promotion period, regardless of results… Thanks to everyone, we achieved good results but regardless of results, I think both WINNER and you are really pleased with this promotion period. So we’re really thankful and for us to have an even happier promotion period with our next comeback, we hope you don’t get too hung up on results. I hope we keep promoting like this happily. We need to take a photo with you all too. Our next schedule was supposed to start 30 minutes ago. We’re late! Let’s take a photo together quickly and wrap things up. You know how we had many schedules in the last two months? Thanks to you, we never had a moment when we were tired. Thank you so much and thank you for making us happy. Let’s take a photo!


Trans By: @chrissy96_

All Members Video by: @bytheisland

Jinwoo Hard Subbed Version by: @DontFlirtJinwoo

Featured Image by: @jjung92_gram

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