[#W_TRANSLATE] 180416 Dingo EVERYDAY Tips Version


H: Lets do Mino’s birthday party here

M: Why didn’t you prepare a surprise for me

J: I was going to so I wasnt-

Y: Why are u so dense! We all kno-

M: If you remembered my birthday, you could’ve secretly planned it

H: Go buy a cake

Y: I gave Mino his birthday present already

H: Go buy a cake~ In secret~

H: (acting) Hyung! I told you to not drink so much!

J: I’ll stop drinking~

H: We have a schedule after this~ (lying)

J: Ok- ALL: 🎵Happy Birthday to you🎵

H: Yo didn’t notice right?

H+Y: We planned this in secret

H: We finished preparing this last week

H: Hurry and blow out the candle

M: Thank you so much!

Y: I was so worried that he’ll notice

J: Same

Y: Make a wish

H: We wish for EVERYDAY to succeed!

M: 😯😨

H: Mino! Happy Birthday! I’m sure Mino wouldn’t wish for anything other than EVERYDAY to succeed

J: You’re right

H: The only thing Mino wants is for WINNER to succeed

M: Please give me a lighter

H: Alright then, please bring your plates, the moment we eat this cake, we’re becoming a family

M: Here

H: Let’s just eat a bite each since there’s so many people~

Y: It was good timing that Mino’s birthday was when we’re filming this

J: Yeah~ This is good

Y: 2nd full album in 4 years

M: What he said (not shown in the video) is going to haunt me in my dreams

H: Yes~ They have come back after 4 years~

J: After 4 years?

Y: Their title track~

M: But we’ve been active the last 4 years


M: Everyone its my birthday! Please wish me a Happy Birthday!

Y: Raise your glass

M: To everyone invited to my birthday congra- No thank you

H: Congrats? H: thank you for wishing me a Happy Birthday M: thank you for wishing me a Happy Birthday

H: thank you for coming to wish me a Happy Birthday M: thank you for coming to wish me a Happy Birthday

M: please order+eat as much as u want

Translate by: @chrissy96_

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