[#W_SUBBED] 170611 WINNER’s Mother Video Message- Japan Event Tour 2017

170611 Fanevent in Osaka Round 2 (Turn on CC)

Seunghoon personally contacted Jinwoo, Seungyoon, Mino’s mothers at the start of the 2017 Japan Event Tour and asked them for video messages without telling the members (TEAM WINNER contacted Seunghoon’s mother without telling Seunghoon)

[From, Mom]

MINO’s mother

“My Mino, it’s your mother. I really, really miss you. Many things happened and you’ve been busy but despite that you’ve been working really hard without complaining and I’m thankful for that. I’m so happy and glad that FATE NUMBER FOR is doing so well. My son, just continue to work hard as you are doing now and I hope you become the best artist in Korea. Son, I love you— I love you— WINNER fighting!”

SEUNGYOON’s mother

“Seungyoon, hi— It’s your mom— You’re really surprised, right? I’m really shy that I’m taking a video of myself like this. You must have suffered a lot emotionally but thank you for fighting through that. I think ‘REALLY REALLY’ is receiving so much love because you endured that hardship. You worked hard but I think this was possible thanks to your WINNER members with their own individuality and charms and to all INNER CIRCLEs who stayed by your side through the hard times. My son who always puts others before himself, I’m proud of you and you’re so dependable for me. I hope that you and your members are always good to each other and be like brothers. In my eyes, you are the coolest son in this world. I love you”

JINWOO’s mother

“Son, long time no see. It’s been so long since I last saw you. I miss you. I should go to Seoul but I haven’t gotten the chance. Son, thank you for enduring the hardship. But you know that you still have a long way to go, right? Son, you left home at such a young age… All alone… at such a young age… You’re so strong and I’m so thankful that you’ve come this far. You’re the best son to me. Son, you know what I always tell you, right? Don’t ever forget about the good graces of others who helped you come this far. Remember them and give back all you have received. Always remember. Don’t get hurt/Don’t be sick/ill. All the fans and all those people who remember you, remember them. Don’t disappoint them. Work hard… I hope you keep going while just looking forward. Our WINNER dongsaengs, please take care of Jinwoo. All the fans who love WINNER, I love you”

SEUNGHOON’s mother

“It feels like December 25th, 2011, when you first appeared on television, was only yesterday but it’s already been 6 years since then. I can’t forget the scene in K-Pop Star when your nose bled and you said `I’m so tired, I’m so exhausted’. How tired you must’ve been. But just like how you’ve done well so far, I believe that you will keep doing well and working hard and giving it your all. Stay healthy and be happy. Let’s keep working hard! WINNER fighting! Lee Seunghoon fighting!”




Trans: @chrissy96_

Video Uploaded by Nissa

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