[#W_TRANSLATE] 170421 WINNER Interview with Haru Hana

Haru Hana Interview 170421




WINNER Comeback! They also held Fanevent! WINNER’s Ideal Situation for a Confession are…?

WINNER comeback after about 1 year! They will release their first single package “FATE NUMBER FOR” on May 31 (Wednesday). This single contains four songs, the Japanese version and the Korean version of the double title tracks “REALLY REALLY” & “FOOL”. We have listened to the current state of mind of WINNER who is showing new songs in Korea and restart their activities after long absence.

Q: You comeback after about 1 year, how is it when you look back at your activities?

SY: Personally, I think naturally it took a long time to come out with good songs and comeback. At the beginning I felt impatience, but I think that there’s no need to do so. I think it’s important to enjoy while feeling grateful for the time and chance that is given to me.

MH: I was busy because I had personal activities alone. I terribly wanted to quickly do activities as WINNER. It’s really fun to do activities with the members like this now.



Q: What kind of things that you thought during the 1 year time before you comeback? There’s also a big change where you became 4 members group.

SY: As expected, the biggest thing (that we thought) are the songs and dance. There’s a feeling of stability in the position dan flow line of the dance for odd-number people, therefore I got worried because now we become even-number of members. I wonder if we can do it without center and without able to centralized. But when we try to do it, there’s fresh feeling that I felt when we’re able to do the choreography with 4 people.

JW: Since my singing parts increased, I work harder in vocal training, and also do physical exercise. I also learn contemporary dance. I think I become more expressive and confident on stage.

MH: For me, I rap more naturally. I was most careful to do it in my natural tone.

SH: I think with the spare time, it’s time to look back and sort out things in your head. I think it’s an opportunity to be able to grow in various ways.


Q: What is the meaning that was put in the title of the announced single album this time, “FATE NUMBER FOR”?
SY: There’s also the meaning of doing activities with 4 people in “FOUR” and “FOR”. But I think you can read the meaning of it as also means for everyone, and also for us to our enthusiasm to head for our dreams.


Q: What was the point where you most careful upon announcing new songs? What would you want people to pay attention when they listen to it?

SY: REALLY REALLY is a cheerful song in the tropical house genre while FOOL is ballad song with R&B taste. I want to convey the realistic sensibility of our generation with REALLY REALLY while show up the WINNER’s unique emotional side with FOOL. Although it wasn’t intended to be like that, but 2 songs with contradictory concept become 1 single.

SH: The MV shooted in the US and directed by a super famous director. He is an awesome maestro and I was really looking forward to it. Thanks to that, I think the result (the MV) become cool too.

Q: Is there any interesting thing happened when you shooted the MV in the US?

MH: The shooting for 2 songs was scheduled to be around 10 days. I had a very fun time shooting the MV, it felt that we were able to have spare time that we needed. It’s like we comfortably come to a branch office, it felt like we are just a local people there. I felt a lot of peace of mind like we’re in a vacation.

JW: Speaking about LA, I was expecting it to be very sunny but it’s always cloudy and rainy when we were there (laugh). There’s so many cases of rainy days when WINNER is shooting.

SH: Since the dance genre that I like is originated from LA, I did cultural exchange with local dancer and learned a lot.

Q: Seungyoon become blond and Mino’s hair also become green, what’s the response from your surrounding? What kind of hairstyle that members would like to try?

SY: When I dyed my hair blond, it was so painful, so painful it can’t be help. But when I become blond, I really like it. I think I will continue to have this hair color for awhile.

MH: I have tried many hairstyles, I really satisfied with my current hair color. JW: For me, I think Black is the best. SH: I’d like to have a really flashy perm.


Q: To be connected with REALLY REALLY, please tell us true story that looks like a lie in which the members will likely get “Really?” as a reply when people heard about it.

SH: Such as, I have slept 24 hours in a day? MH: Actually, I haven’t had rest even for a day since I debut. JW: I have stop playing games (laugh).

SH: Actually, we had a mobile phone ban when WINNER gather together (but members does not follow it).

Q: To be connected with FOOL, please tell us a recent episode where you think “I’m a fool”. Please also tell us episode where you think the members are a fool.

JW: When I heard the same things over and over from each member, it’s bothersome (laugh).

MH: For me, my extreme forgetfulness about things.

SH: Speaking about foolish, I often get injured on important times. That’s why I’m being careful. SY: Pretend to be stupid and showing a gap (in image).

Q: There’s impressive and straightforward line of “neol joahae” (I like you) in the lyrics of REALLY REALLY. If you’re going to confess your love, is there any ideal situation to do it?

SH: When I went to Osaka previously for a shooting, I get on Ferris Wheel together with Mino. I also aspire to confess while get on Ferris Wheel.

MH: I also like the situation in the Ferris Wheel. I will date all day long and close it at the end by saying, “neol joahae”.

SY: For me, Huis Ten Bosch illumination in Nagasaki! It’s trully lovely, I think it’s a place where lovers should definitely go! I think you will 99% succeed if you confess in front of the heart illumination.

I think I will surely say “I like you” straight away without hiding anything.


Q: The same as the above. To be connected with “neol joahae” (I like you), if you change the “you” part from “I like you” to things that you like the most now, what would it be?

SY: Hitsumabushi! (Grilled eel on rice)

MH: As expected, I really like Natto! (Fermented soybeans)

SH: Castella in Nagasaki (Japanese sponge cake) JW: I love Tebasaki! (chicken wings)



Q: From May 3rd you will held the long awaited event in Japan, WINNER FANEVENT 2017 IN JAPAN. Speaking about WINNER fanmeeting, it’s full of various gag corner. What kind of things those might be?

SY: This time, I want to talk various things with everyone with sincerity.

MH: We prepare a lot of fun content!

JW: I wonder if there will be reverse surprise…

SH: We will prepare the ultimate gag, so please expect it!


Q: Is there any Japanese gag that you like now?

SH: Although it’s not a gag, Kyari Pamyu Pamyu song from SING movie can’t get out of my head… I get addicted to it.


Q: Is there something that you’re looking forward to, like “I will definitely try this when I come to Japan!”?

SY: Hitsumabushi in Nagoya. I really want to eat it!

MH: I want to go to Okinawa! It’s really a healing place

JW: I want to go eat Abura Soba.

SH: I want to make Miso Soup in home with tatami mat, in house of Japanese fans.


Q: Finally, please send message to your Japanese fans who always wait for you.

SY: I’m sorry to keep you waiting everytime! We’ll become WINNER that can return the favour/give back as much as you have wait for us!

MH: I will return the favour with great affection for you that have been waiting! I want to see you soon!”

JW: Thank you for waiting! I will do my best to not let you get bored! SH: Everyone, please looking forward to it! Let’s meet at the May event!





Trans by: @Incle_Babies

[#W_TRANSLATE] –  151120 WINNER’s Interview for Haru Hana Japanese Magazine!


Q: What gives you the energy to recharge when your heart feels empty?

It might be a stretch to say that it gives me motivation… (T/N: Words
unclear in picture, inaccuracies regretted)… I feel happy when I am
watching television without thinking about anything… I read a lot of
manga (T/N: Words unclear in picture, inaccuracies regretted) and watch a
lot of movies.

Q: If you were to go on a date with a Japanese girl in your
hometown, where would you bring her? Please tell us your dating plan
that will bring a smile to her face!

I want to go to the beach/sea. Sail in a yacht together… Although I
don’t have a yacht, that is (laughs). If I can, that’s the kind of date I
want to go on.

Q: When do you feel your bonds/ties with the members?

When we are in sync while performing together after a long time, even
without putting it together beforehand. Although this is just a
insignificant thing, it’s a moment where we understand each other even
without saying anything.

Q: If you have a lover/girlfriend, do you see yourself as the jealous type?

I am a very jealous person. When she is late in replying/contacting me,
I feel jealous about all the trifling/insignificant things. I really
dislike it even if my girlfriend just eats a meal with other guys. It
would be good if my girlfriend is someone who will get jealous over me

Q: Debuting as an actor in the Korean-Chinese drama “Magic Cellphone”, what are your thoughts about acting?

Although it was really tough not getting enough sleep due to the long
filming hours, I had a good time/enjoyed myself. It was really
interesting to become another person/someone else, by taking on the
behavior and tone of the character/role I am playing. I received advice
from Taehyun who debuted earlier in a drama: “It is important to take on
the mood of the character, and act with those feelings.”


Q. The source of your happiness to fill your empty head would be?

Something delicious! I like searching for famous food places, so I’ll
do researches on famous restaurants on Instagram or blogs and choose
those I’d want to go to. I like any food, especially fusion cuisine. I
search for famous food places in Japan too. I’d tell the Japanese staff
“I’d want to go this restaurant when I go Osaka” too.

Q. When do you feel a sense of fellowship with your members?

When someone makes a mistake on stage and the member opposite
moves according to the mistake. For example, if someone is at the wrong
position and the other member would be at the same wrong position to
make it seem like it’s not a mistake.. I feel a sense of fellowship when
we show it through actions even without talking to cover up for each

Q. Are you one to get jealous when you have someone you like?

I think I’ll try my best not to get jealous. If I get jealous it’ll be
too exhausting for me and I don’t like holding onto that kind Of
feelings…. But I’ll still get jealous. Instead, I think I wouldn’t show
it to my girlfriend. If my girlfriend tells me “I’m going to meet a guy
friend”, I’ll be jealous on the inside but I’ll say “Alright, have

Q. If you were to have a Japanese girlfriend and plan to go
on a date in your hometown, where would you bring her to? Please let us
know a date plan that’ll make her happy.

It’s not my hometown but I want to go to Jeju Island. Previously we
went to Jeju Island to film and it was really great. If we were to go
Jeju Island, I’d want to go for a drive. The traffic gets bad in Seoul
or Busan because there are lots of cars, but the roads in Jeju Island
are wide so it feels great. It’s perfect for a drive.

Q. If you were to engage in a solo activity, which field would you try?

Hoon: I’m very interested in entertainment. I want to go on a talk show.


Q. The source of your happiness to fill your empty heart would be ?

Hanging out with friends. Nowadays the members are all busy so we
rarely have a chance to head out, but we’d watch TV together in the dorm
or.. It’s healing even with those minor things.

Q. When do you feel a sense of fellowship with your members?

When we give each other advices or fix something together while we
prepare for stages. When I’m troubled and they ask “Is something wrong?”
just by looking at my face.

Q. Are you one to get jealous when you have someone you like?

Mino: l think I am one to get jealous. I think I’ll get slightly jealous even if the person I like was with another male.

Q. If you were to have a Japanese girlfriend and plan to go
on a date in your hometown, where would you bring her to? Please let us
know a date plan that’ll make her happy.

I’d want to go to Everland that is in my hometown Yongin with her. It
is a really big amusement park and there is a wooden jet-coaster called
T-Express that is greatly slanted. I really like these rides so I’d want
to go on it with her. If my girlfriend is afraid then… We can ride it
until she’s not afraid (laughs)

Q. You took part in a rap survival program ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY’, what kind of experience was it to you?

I learned many things. I was able to gain a lot from it as there were
many things I experienced for the first time in my life. There was
difficult times too… In life, when there are difficulties you’d only
remember how painful it was. It’s usually like that so I think of it as
gaining an opportunity to grow.

Q. The source of your happiness to fill your empty heart would be?

All the fans. I get strength from hearing fans say listening to WINNER
music makes them happy! Also, my members and family’s existence is my

Q. When do you feel a sense of fellowship with your members?

When we do a performance on stage. Even when there are times we do
something that wasn’t planned, we are able to notice it and do well,
like as if the 5 of us became one. I feel that way for any stages all
the time.

Q. Are you one to get jealous when you have someone you like?

I think I’ll get jealous even when my girlfriend hangs out with her
friends. Even if that friend is a female, I would think “Why is she
hanging out with her instead of me?”. I’d hate it even more if that
friend was a male. If I had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t meet female friends
or male friends either.

Q. If you were to have a Japanese girlfriend and plan to go on a date in your hometown, where
would you bring her to? Please let us know a date plan that’ll make her happy.

My hometown is Busan Haeundae. There is a place with a wonderful view
called Dalmaji Pass. I would go to a cafe there or walk with her at the

Q. There was a affectionate scene with Sandara park in the webdrama ‘We Broke Up’, how was it when filming?

We worked in perfect harmony with the other actors as well so it felt
like I was having fun with my friends at the set. We created a group
chat then, and we’re still talking now. The scene with Dara senior..
Acting is work too (laughs) She’s a close noona and we have a
senior-junior relationship, I thought I wouldn’t do well if I were to
think of it so I thought of it as work even more and avoided showing it
on my face (laughs) People around me told me the drama was good, the
members probably didn’t watch it (laughs)


Q: What gives you the energy to recharge when your heart feels empty?

Taehyun: My
cats. I am rearing two cats. When I come home all tired and they come
out to greet me, I feel like dying because they are too cute (laughs).
Their names are Polly and Pari. Polly’s name came from a song by Nirvana
that I like called “Polly”. Pari’s name doesn’t have a lot of meaning,
but I think the pronunciation sounds pretty. I also think that Paris
itself is a really beautiful place.

Q: If you were to go on a date with a Japanese girl in your
hometown, where would you bring her? Please tell us your dating plan
that will bring a smile to her face!

Taehyun: Rather
than my hometown, I want to take her to the places she wants to go. If
we go to Seoul, where would be good? Although there are many places, it
would have to be Namsan, where N Seoul Tower is. After that, I would
bring her to my house, as well as show her my work room and
office/company building.

Q: When do you feel your bonds/ties with the members?

Taehyun: When
I finished filming for my drama alone, and I return home and see the
members there. I used to take it for granted, but when I became alone, I
feel the importance of the members.

Q: If you have a lover/girlfriend, do you see yourself as the jealous type?

Taehyun: If
I was just totally cool about things, wouldn’t that suggest that I
don’t feel a lot of attachment (to the girl)? But if I really love her, I
think my jealousy can be strong. If I like someone, I only like that
person. If the girl I like tells me, “I’m eating with an oppa I know
right now,” I think I will feel annoyed (laughs). If I’m just too cool
about anything, I don’t think that’s very charming either.

Q: Acting in the Korean drama “Midnight Diner”, you continued
with your activities as an actor, have you gotten used to filming? What
is your goal as an actor, and who is your role model?

Having acted in three productions so far, I have gotten rather used to
it. I now understand things such as the director’s requests/demands, as
well the atmosphere on the set. Of course, music is still my main
profession. When I am active as an actor, I enjoy becoming another
character. My actor role model is Leonardo DiCaprio. Not only is he
really cool/good-looking, he is able to perform/pull off characters
across various genres of films.




01. When you are on a holiday, would you spend your time indoors or outdoors?

Indoors: Jinwoo
Outdoors: Seungyoon, Hoon, Mino, Taehyun

02. Short hair or long hair on girls?

Short hair: Seungyoon, Hoon, Mino
Long hair: Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Mino, Taehyun

03. Sexy girls or cute girls?

Sexy: Seungyoon, Hoon, Taehyun
Cute: Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Mino



04. Lifestyle?

Staying up late: Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Hoon, Mino, Taehyun
Waking up early: None

05. Which would you rather eat?

Sushi: None
Ramen: Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Hoon, Mino, Taehyun

06. If you were to contact your friends or family?

Phone: Jinwoo, Mino, Taehyun
Text Message: Seungyoon, Hoon

07. What do you drink at cafes?

Black coffee: Jinwoo, Hoon, Mino
Chocolate shake: Seungyoon, Taehyun



08. If you were to play at an amusement park?

Haunted house: Jinwoo
Roller coaster: Seungyoon, Seunghoon, Mino, Taehyun

09. Which do you prefer?

Dance track: Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Hoon, Mino
Ballad: Seungyoon
Rock blues: Taehyun

10. Favorite animal?

Dogs: Hoon
Cats: Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Mino, Taehyun

11. Favorite feeling?

Butterflies before a performance: Jinwoo, Hoon
Satisfaction after a performance: Seungyoon, Mino, Taehyun



12. When you guys eat at home do you-

Cook? Seunghoon, Mino, Taehyun
Wash the dishes? Seungyoon, Jinwoo

13. Favorite season?

Summer: Mino
Winter: Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Seunghoon, Taehyun

14. If you find someone you like you will-

Confess: Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Seunghoon, Mino, Taehyun
Wait for them to confess: None

15. Favorite sport?

Baseball: Taehyun
Soccer: Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Seunghoon
Basketball: Mino



Who is WINNER’s number 1?

Vote for the member you think matches the best for each of the 3 topics!
We found out who was number 1 in the team.
You may be able to see the true side of each other since you’re in the same team.

Q. If a problem occurred during a live performance, who is
the most dependable member? There was a tie between Seunghoon and
Taehyun’s votes!

Taehyun: Myself
Hoon: Taehyun
Jinwoo: Hoon
Seungyoon: Hoon
Mino: Leader Seungyoon
Seungyoon: Seunghoon hyung. Since he’s in charge of choreography as well.
Jinwoo: He’s fast (T/N: Magazine content can’t be seen)
Hoon: Hehehehe. I fell from the stage before as I was excited, but I showed a great ability to cope with it so I’m still alive now.
Mino: It was 2 metres high! Taehyun is able to cope well too.
Taehyun: I think so too (laughs) I always make mistakes but nobody knew right? It shows how good I can handle it.
Hoon: We all know it, we’re just pretending we don’t (laughs)


Q. The member who is the easiest to cry? When there was a surprise, every member cried like crybabies.

Hoon: Jinwoo got 2. He wrote himself too (laughs)
Mino: Are you that weepy!?
Jinwoo: Yes (laughs)
Taehyun: I think so too (laughs)
Mino: I wrote everyone because we cried right away when there was the surprise in the concert
Hoon: (acting like he’s crying) Sob sob
All: (Laughs)
Hoon: However, Mino was the
first one who cried that time. When everybody cried, I felt that Mino
was the first one who couldn’t hold it in and cried first. He had
baritone voice but he had delicate heart.
Seungyoon: I wrote Taehyun
but I never forget when we cried the moment we became WINNER in the
survival show. I still remember that time until now.

Q. The member who tends to be liked by the mother of his
girlfriend? The intimacy with the members’ parents. The “Kill” of
Seungyoon with the mothers

Mino: Seungyoon is the type to look cute for the seniors. I’m envious.
Hoon: When our parents came
to our home, I was the type who didn’t like to talk much. I finished
eating and went back to my room right away. However, Seungyoon always
chatted with everyone’s parents.
Mino: He’s closer to my parents than me (laughs)
Jinwoo: I wrote Taehyun. He had that unexpected thing too.
Seungyoon: When Taehyun meet
mom, it gives that feeling too because they are like friends. He can
possibly be close to the family Of his girlfriend.
Taehyun: Umm, going to
shopping malls together, watching movies together There are guys who
don’t like to do things together but I’m that type of guy (like doing
activities with family)

Q. This concert tour was almost a year after from last tour. Did you feel any changes?

Seungyoon: We had experience more than before, so we became better in making concerts more excited with our MC/talk and performances.
Jinwoo: I can sing with more confidence now than ever.
Taehyun: Also we grew up a lot about composing. Our past experiences gave good influences to us.

Q. Do you compose when you are in Japan?

Taehyun: Yes, I do. I always bring tools for composing and I brought them to Japan this time,
Seungyoon: Me too. I always bring my guitar so sometime I do composing in Japan.
Mino: I do too. But I can make songs only when I was alone. So I always do it in the midnight or early in the morning.
Hoon: I can write lyrics well
especially when I don’t have time just before a deadline(laughs). I
often write lyrics at home because I can relax at our dormitory most.


Q. You stay at hotel during tour. Who is the best roommate for you?

Ummm… l would like to be alone(laugh) It’s the easiest. If I have to
select someone, I choose Mino hyung. I’m at ease with him and we agree
in temper.
Hoon: I can accept every
member as a roommate but I’m at ease with Mino too. We usually decide
roommates in order of age, Mino and I often use a room together because
we are close in age.
Mino: We are roommates during
this tour again. Our joking-code are similar so we enjoy stupid jokes
together when we are in hotel room.

Q. What do you bring for schedules in abroad?

Taehyun: Music speaker. To listening the musics in hotel room.
Jinwoo: Shaver, milky lotion and face packs. I care for my skin condition.
Mino: Electric toothbrush. I bring it everywhere.

Q. You did individual work actively in Korea. Do you give advices each other about solo activity?

If I were moved very much when I see their work, I tell what I feel to
the members. But usually we don’t meddle with each other. I trust them
that they can do well and I think they don’t need an advice.
Hoon: Sometimes I want to
comfort the members and pat them on their back than give an
advice. Recently when Mino was on “Show Me The Money4”, I wanted to hug
him warmly.
Mino: I felt members’ warmth
really at that time. They didn’t say anything because they know I
was busy, but they sent me long messages via Kakaotalk suddenly. They
helped me with natural words and I was cheered up by them very much.

Translated by: minocenturychrissy96wildforyoonkyotangmoseventysevenoksomngosan

Scans by : mabinee_yoonvia: WithWinner


[#W_MAGAZINE] 151120 HARU HANA Solo Scans and Interview by Mabinee_Yoon

[SCAN] 151120 WINNER on HARU*HANA Japanese Magazine
© Mabinee_Yoon


[#W_MAGAZINE] 151120 Haru Hana Group Scans and Q&A by Mabinee_Yoon

[SCAN] 151120 WINNER on HARU*HANA Japanese Magazine
© Mabinee_Yoon


[#W_TRANSLATE] – 150919 WINNER on Haru*Hana Magazine

Name : Kang Seungyoon
Birthday: January 21, 1994
Blood Type: B
Strength: I work hard in anything!!
Weakness: I’m not funny
Habit: X
Members’s body part you are envious of : Mino’s head shape ( he suits hats well)
What do you do when you don’t have schedule?: Sleep
Food you like? : hitsumabushi ( Grilled eel on rice commonly eaten in the summer)
Food you dislike? : I don’t really have any.
Favorite color?: Red
Favorite time: 2AM
Dream when you were a child? : Singer
Person/people you admire? : Artist
Favorite smell? : Smell of people
Song you always sing at the karaoke? : “For You” Lim Jaebum
What is WINNER to you? : My brothers and my name


Name: Jinwoo (Jinu)
Birthday: 1991.09.26
Blood Type: A

Strength: I’m always laughing/smiling
Weakness: I’m nice
Habit: Lightly touching my face
Members’s body part you are envious of :  Kang Seungyoon’s Adams’s apple
What do you do when you don’t have schedule?: Exercice, practice, singing,practice dancing, practice acting, many different things~
Food you like?: Takoyaki
Food you dislike?: None
Favorite color?: white, black, stripes
Favorite time?: 10PM ~ 6AM
Dream when you were a child? : Actor, Singer
Person/people you admire?: Choi Jinsil
Favorite smell? :  Smell of rice cooking
Song you always sing at the karaoke? : “Crooked” GD
What is WINNER to you? : An existence like skin

Name: Lee Seunghoon
Birthday: 1992.01.11
Blood Type: A

Strength: I don’t spend money often
Weakness: I don’t spend money often
Habit:  Brushing my teeth before going onstage
Members’s body part you are envious of :  Manly Min’s legs (thighs)
What do you do when you don’t have schedule?: Brushing my teeth
Food you like?: Garlic
Food you dislike?: Oysters
Favorite color?: Green
Favorite time?:  1AM
Dream when you were a child? : Singer
Person/people you admire?: Dad
Favorite smell? : Shampoo
Song you always sing at the karaoke? : “ Bad Boy” BIG BANG
What is WINNER to you? : Garlic

Name: Song Mino♥
Birthday:  1993.03.30
Blood Type: A

Strength: I like people
Weakness: I like people…
Habit:  Sticking out my tongue [drawing of tongue and heart]
Members’s body part you are envious of : Seunghoon-hyung’s legs  [drawing of Seunghoon’s legs]
What do you do when you don’t have schedule?: Usually surfling the web on my phone…?
Food you like?: Any Korean dish, leek kimchi, natto, ramyun, fried food and M.E.A.T ♥
Food you dislike?: Food that has taste and smell overly fishy (oysters, abolones, etc…)
Favorite color?: Black & yellow. These days I like khaki and brown too.
Favorite time?: 1~4PM and 12~3AM
Dream when you were a child? : Someone who does music
Person/people you admire?: Mr. YG, Teddy-hyung, Tablo-hyung
Favorite smell? : White musk scent, shampoo scent
Song you always sing at the karaoke? : “Ride the horse” ( he didn’t write the artist but I assume it’s the song by vasco which features Genius Nochang and Cjamm
What is WINNER to you? : Beginning and end..

Name: Nam Taehyun
Birthday: 1994.05.10
Blood Type: A

Strength: I like challenging myself
Weakness: Getting lazy
Habit: x
Members’s body part you are envious of : x
What do you do when you don’t have schedule?:Working on music
Food you like?: Korean food
Food you dislike?: Thai food
Favorite color?:  Black/plaid
Favorite time?: Nightime
Dream when you were a child? : Geographer
Person/people you admire?: B.B KING
Favorite smell? :  Le labo perfume
Song you always sing at the karaoke? : x
What is WINNER to you? : Home

Translated by Chrissy96 / scan by WINNERfamilySH



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