[#W_TRANSLATE] 170421 WINNER Interview with Haru Hana

Haru Hana Interview 170421




WINNER Comeback! They also held Fanevent! WINNER’s Ideal Situation for a Confession are…?

WINNER comeback after about 1 year! They will release their first single package “FATE NUMBER FOR” on May 31 (Wednesday). This single contains four songs, the Japanese version and the Korean version of the double title tracks “REALLY REALLY” & “FOOL”. We have listened to the current state of mind of WINNER who is showing new songs in Korea and restart their activities after long absence.

Q: You comeback after about 1 year, how is it when you look back at your activities?

SY: Personally, I think naturally it took a long time to come out with good songs and comeback. At the beginning I felt impatience, but I think that there’s no need to do so. I think it’s important to enjoy while feeling grateful for the time and chance that is given to me.

MH: I was busy because I had personal activities alone. I terribly wanted to quickly do activities as WINNER. It’s really fun to do activities with the members like this now.



Q: What kind of things that you thought during the 1 year time before you comeback? There’s also a big change where you became 4 members group.

SY: As expected, the biggest thing (that we thought) are the songs and dance. There’s a feeling of stability in the position dan flow line of the dance for odd-number people, therefore I got worried because now we become even-number of members. I wonder if we can do it without center and without able to centralized. But when we try to do it, there’s fresh feeling that I felt when we’re able to do the choreography with 4 people.

JW: Since my singing parts increased, I work harder in vocal training, and also do physical exercise. I also learn contemporary dance. I think I become more expressive and confident on stage.

MH: For me, I rap more naturally. I was most careful to do it in my natural tone.

SH: I think with the spare time, it’s time to look back and sort out things in your head. I think it’s an opportunity to be able to grow in various ways.


Q: What is the meaning that was put in the title of the announced single album this time, “FATE NUMBER FOR”?
SY: There’s also the meaning of doing activities with 4 people in “FOUR” and “FOR”. But I think you can read the meaning of it as also means for everyone, and also for us to our enthusiasm to head for our dreams.


Q: What was the point where you most careful upon announcing new songs? What would you want people to pay attention when they listen to it?

SY: REALLY REALLY is a cheerful song in the tropical house genre while FOOL is ballad song with R&B taste. I want to convey the realistic sensibility of our generation with REALLY REALLY while show up the WINNER’s unique emotional side with FOOL. Although it wasn’t intended to be like that, but 2 songs with contradictory concept become 1 single.

SH: The MV shooted in the US and directed by a super famous director. He is an awesome maestro and I was really looking forward to it. Thanks to that, I think the result (the MV) become cool too.

Q: Is there any interesting thing happened when you shooted the MV in the US?

MH: The shooting for 2 songs was scheduled to be around 10 days. I had a very fun time shooting the MV, it felt that we were able to have spare time that we needed. It’s like we comfortably come to a branch office, it felt like we are just a local people there. I felt a lot of peace of mind like we’re in a vacation.

JW: Speaking about LA, I was expecting it to be very sunny but it’s always cloudy and rainy when we were there (laugh). There’s so many cases of rainy days when WINNER is shooting.

SH: Since the dance genre that I like is originated from LA, I did cultural exchange with local dancer and learned a lot.

Q: Seungyoon become blond and Mino’s hair also become green, what’s the response from your surrounding? What kind of hairstyle that members would like to try?

SY: When I dyed my hair blond, it was so painful, so painful it can’t be help. But when I become blond, I really like it. I think I will continue to have this hair color for awhile.

MH: I have tried many hairstyles, I really satisfied with my current hair color. JW: For me, I think Black is the best. SH: I’d like to have a really flashy perm.


Q: To be connected with REALLY REALLY, please tell us true story that looks like a lie in which the members will likely get “Really?” as a reply when people heard about it.

SH: Such as, I have slept 24 hours in a day? MH: Actually, I haven’t had rest even for a day since I debut. JW: I have stop playing games (laugh).

SH: Actually, we had a mobile phone ban when WINNER gather together (but members does not follow it).

Q: To be connected with FOOL, please tell us a recent episode where you think “I’m a fool”. Please also tell us episode where you think the members are a fool.

JW: When I heard the same things over and over from each member, it’s bothersome (laugh).

MH: For me, my extreme forgetfulness about things.

SH: Speaking about foolish, I often get injured on important times. That’s why I’m being careful. SY: Pretend to be stupid and showing a gap (in image).

Q: There’s impressive and straightforward line of “neol joahae” (I like you) in the lyrics of REALLY REALLY. If you’re going to confess your love, is there any ideal situation to do it?

SH: When I went to Osaka previously for a shooting, I get on Ferris Wheel together with Mino. I also aspire to confess while get on Ferris Wheel.

MH: I also like the situation in the Ferris Wheel. I will date all day long and close it at the end by saying, “neol joahae”.

SY: For me, Huis Ten Bosch illumination in Nagasaki! It’s trully lovely, I think it’s a place where lovers should definitely go! I think you will 99% succeed if you confess in front of the heart illumination.

I think I will surely say “I like you” straight away without hiding anything.


Q: The same as the above. To be connected with “neol joahae” (I like you), if you change the “you” part from “I like you” to things that you like the most now, what would it be?

SY: Hitsumabushi! (Grilled eel on rice)

MH: As expected, I really like Natto! (Fermented soybeans)

SH: Castella in Nagasaki (Japanese sponge cake) JW: I love Tebasaki! (chicken wings)



Q: From May 3rd you will held the long awaited event in Japan, WINNER FANEVENT 2017 IN JAPAN. Speaking about WINNER fanmeeting, it’s full of various gag corner. What kind of things those might be?

SY: This time, I want to talk various things with everyone with sincerity.

MH: We prepare a lot of fun content!

JW: I wonder if there will be reverse surprise…

SH: We will prepare the ultimate gag, so please expect it!


Q: Is there any Japanese gag that you like now?

SH: Although it’s not a gag, Kyari Pamyu Pamyu song from SING movie can’t get out of my head… I get addicted to it.


Q: Is there something that you’re looking forward to, like “I will definitely try this when I come to Japan!”?

SY: Hitsumabushi in Nagoya. I really want to eat it!

MH: I want to go to Okinawa! It’s really a healing place

JW: I want to go eat Abura Soba.

SH: I want to make Miso Soup in home with tatami mat, in house of Japanese fans.


Q: Finally, please send message to your Japanese fans who always wait for you.

SY: I’m sorry to keep you waiting everytime! We’ll become WINNER that can return the favour/give back as much as you have wait for us!

MH: I will return the favour with great affection for you that have been waiting! I want to see you soon!”

JW: Thank you for waiting! I will do my best to not let you get bored! SH: Everyone, please looking forward to it! Let’s meet at the May event!





Trans by: @Incle_Babies

[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170401 Korea Love Girls IG Update – WINNER at Seoul Fashion Week

[IG] 170401 korealove_girls
CAPTION: SFWオールラストショーはbeyondcloset☺
WINNERのスンユン、ジヌ、スンフンが出席^^ #SFW#SeoulFashionWeek#서울패션위크 #KLG_SFW #WINNER #위너 #ウィナー#beyondcloset


[#W_TRANSLATE] 170303 Nylon Japan Interview with MOBB

Nylon Japan Interview with MOBB

The premium party ‘NYLON JAPAN NEW YEAR PARTY feat. MOBB’ was held recently. It was official release party to promote their first album ‘THE MOBB’ which was released last year. The next day, we had photo shoot together before they returned to Korea. In this interview, they never showed that they felt tired due to the yesterday party.

Q. How do you feel the NYLON party yesterday?
MINO: it was my first time to have performance in Japanese club and it was kind of different with usual concert. I felt more excited than usual, really! I sung 4 songs with BOBBY. It’s sad because it’s finished early.
BOBBY: People in there were amazing. I really felt thankful since there were lots of fans and people. I really enjoyed since I can play and sing freely in the club. I hope that I can have more opportunity like this.

Q. The party was also for the celebration of your mini album release in Japan. Also, this event collaborated and cooperated with Onitsuka Tiger, one of Japanese brand. How was it to have album release party like this?
MINO: If I can do the party like this, I wish I can release more albums in Japan!! I want more parties! (LAUGH) Onitsuka Tiger items seem to be cool and fabulous. I got lots of presents from them for not other than the stage and performance.
BOBBY: It was very meaningful for us to have release party with NYLON JAPAN. I wish that I can play more in the club after the show. But I have another schedule.. That’s too bad. (Laugh)

Q. Mr. Saito (Japanese comedian) of trendy angel suddenly appeared on the stage. Did you guys recognize him before?
BOBBY:Of course, well, I knew that he is very popular comedian in Japan. I was surprised that I can have show with him. They sung Big bang’s song and it was better than I expected. And they were so kind and gentle in the back stage. We had high touch session and took picture together. It was interesting.
MINO: He’s really good at mimicking the voice of Big bang members. I imitated his voice like saying ‘Mino-sang-da-jyo!!’ And I was impressed that I can meet him on the stage. I saw he did ‘pet!” which is his representative joke. (LAUGH) After the show, I went to his waiting room to say thank you. And when I said to him that I often imitate his voice, he said ‘Do your damnedest’ in Japanese. Everyone started busting out laughing at that moment.

Q. Congratulation for the hip hop award in 2017 Seoul Music award!
MINO: In last year, it was different awards. But we received the hip hop award for 2 years in Seoul music awards. We are honored really. I never imagined that I can get award as MOBB because I belongs to WINNER. I’d like to make return for your support in other music genre including hip hop. I was too busy because I had to be on stage after receiving the award immediately. So, I didn’t realize I won the prize and actually didn’t feel real on the stage. But after the performance, I was deeply impressed.
BOBBY: I was delighted that we receive the prize in the SEOUL MUSIC AWARDS with highest honor in country. I hope that we will get more prizes in future and we are willing to make efforts for it. And I felt happy as my parents were happy.

Q. What do you want to do as MOBB for the quality of music and performance?
MINO: I’d like to challenge unique music. Since I tried to follow the common taste for the normal people in this album, I hope to create unique music which sounds free.
BOBBY: for me, MOBB is the unit I feel real affection indeed. I’d like to sing more diverse songs as MOBB member and hope we can be on various stages like club or somewhere main stream belongs to.

Q. Please let us know your personal goal and wish
MINO: I want to be big one as artist. Bigger one than I am.
BOBBY: I’d like to make good songs and music and serve my parents devotedly.

Q. It was great performance. Thank you so much. Can I expect to see you guys in Japan?
MINO: Of course. And I’ve prepared the WINNER’s next album and hope you look forward to it.
BOBBY: Yeah, sure. Usually people said that it’d better not to expect too much since it might let you down. But I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed.
Japanese to Korean translation : @loveBisorn
Korean to English translation :@dcmino0330

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