[W_PROJECT] 170325 10 Days Challenge for WINNER’s Comeback 



Ready to meet your FATE in 10 days?

Presenting our first comeback project collaboration

What is this project about?

To hype Inner Circles up for the upcoming comeback in a fun way, various fansites and fanbases have gathered together to make this 10-day challenge for YOU! In the project, there are many daily activities which include tutorials to gear you up to work hard for winner when they comeback as well as opportunities to reminiscence on your journey with winner!

Not only will you be able to have fun while waiting for Winner’s comeback, upon completion of the challenge you will get to receive 20+ unreleased photos of Winner. These photos are kindly sponsored by various fansites and did I mention they are really pretty? *wink wink*

BUT! That’s not all, you can stand to win a wide range of prizes sponsored by various fanbases. The prizes include Winner’s new albums, concert merchandise, magazines featuring winner, Melon passes, Winner stickers, Winner photocards and many more!
So! What are you waiting for! Participate in the challenge and get your friends to join as well!


Project details

D-10 (03.25)
Join us in trending #ICSelcaDay & #ThankUTeamWINNER on your preferred social media!
In a single post:
• Attach your Selca of the month
• Attach a screenshot of your favourite WINNERCITY post (make sure WINNERCITY’s id can be seen in the screenshot)
• Tell us why you are thankful for TEAMWINNER together with the hashtags #ICSelcaDay & #ThankUTeamWINNER

D-9 (03.26)
Ready, Set, STREAM!!
Streaming is crucial for Winner’s comeback, let’s familiarise with MV streaming method while waiting for the new MVs to be released! P.s you can clear a day’s mission too!
What to do:
• Read the MV streaming tutorial on our site (HERE)
• Open any WINNER MV and stream away~~
• Remember to take a screen shot and post it on your social media too!

D-8 (03.27)
I’m feeling sentimental~ Have a favourite song or song lyrics? Let us know!
What to do:
• Post your favourite song/ lyrics on your social media
• Attach a photo to make it more fun!
• Remember to take a screenshot of your post

D-7 (03.28)
Get them MELONS!
What to do:
• Read our melon tutorial (click HERE)
• Create your very own Melon account by following the tutorial!
• Remember to follow winner on Melon and take a screenshot of the page as shown below

D-6 (03.29)
“You touch my heart baby, touch touch”
Winner have definitely impacted our lives in many ways, share your stories of how winner touched you/impacted your life.
What to do:
• Tell us your story! Express yourself however you like. If you feel more comfortable using your native language, it’s okay as well. English is encouraged so that other ICs can read your story too.
• Remember to take a screenshot of your post!

D-5 (03.30)
What to do:
• Trend Mino’s birthday with hashtag #HoneyRapperMinoDay
• Take a screenshot of you trending Mino’s hashtag on your social media

D-4 (03.31)
Omg? FREE passes? Gotta grab’em all!
What to do:
• Read Naver free stream pass tutorial (click HERE)
• Create a Naver account and follow WINNER
• Remember to take a screenshot of the page when you follow winner
• Do try your best to visit Naver and get the free stream passes. 500 stream passes will be released every night.

D-3 (04.01)
What to do:
• We have had many quotes from Winner that we use every day, tell us your favourite one through a post on your social media!
• Remember to take a screen shot of your post!

D-2 (04.02)
Get those mouse clickin’
What to do:
• Alike any other comeback, Voting is extremely important! Visit the link to read about account creation:
Global Mnet:
Mnet Japan:
• Make 10 Global Mnet accounts and 10 Japan Mnet accounts
• Take a screenshot to show that you are logged in with your accounts and collage them!

D-1 (04.03)
What will you tell Winner if you have the chance to meet them?
What to do:
• We all have a million things we want to tell winner if we ever have the chance to meet them
• Tell us what you would say to winner if you get to meet them!
• Remember to screenshot your post!

D-DAY (04.04)
What to do:
• Trend #FATENUMBERFOR on your social media! Go crazy! Spam your timeline and enjoy Winner’s song!
• Take a screenshot of your trending the hashtag on your social media
• Reminder to also stream Winner’s new MVs with the correct method!


Submission of 10-day challenge:

1) Compile all the screen shots you have taken for all the 10 days of challenges
2) Remember to watermark all the pictures with your username/email as what is shown in the screenshots above
3) Send an email to us ([email protected] ) only AFTER you have completed all 10 days of challenge. Incomplete challenges will not be considered for the lucky draw

Details of email:

Title: Winner comeback 10-day challenge
• Your name
• Your social media in which your challenge is carried out in (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
• Your social media account
• If there is anyone who recommended you to join this challenge*
• Wait for our reply! Once we have verified your entry we will reply you with an email of the unreleased fansite photos
* Refer to post about multiple entry below

Multiple entries:
To allow more opportunities for more Incles to win prizes, multiple entries are NOT ALLOWED. However, there are still ways to increase your chances of winning:
• Encourage your friends to join
• When your friends complete the challenge, and send their emails to us, they have to write YOUR name and email so that we will add another entry under your name for the lucky draw
• Each person is only allowed up to 2 friend recommendation
• In other words, maximum number of chances, you will get is your entry (x1) + successful friend recommendation (x2) =3


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