[NAVER FANCAFE] 170729 SEUNGHOON Post – After Performance at Uljin

Title: Today


To everyone who came to Uljin today, thank you and you all did a great job. On the way home you should check the condition carefully whether there is any problem, and whether the bus drivers are tired or not and come home carefully.

Recently I was very tired so I got canker sores and the schedule is so tight that I could not sleep well, but I think that I can meet you again so everyday I tried to practice choreography hard and cheer up on preparing for our comeback — We will meet you guys with the new songs soon so please wait – !! Hehe

To people who are home already, sleep well, and to ones who are still outside, do not go home too late. Once again, thank all of you so much for having come to Uljin.


Caption Trans (Trans by knkslp1025) in the picture:

“I swear I will not even glance if other fandoms try to scout me” 


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[#W_FANCAFE] 170511 SEUNGHOON Poem- Thing Lefts Behind

170511 NAVER FANCAFE SEUNGHOON :Things That Are Left Behind


Things That Are Left Behind

After drinking up a glass of coke
Crackle, the ice cubes that are left
Crackle, the noise of them bumping into one another
Is so clear

Words that were never spoken
Crinkle, in my pocket
Crinkle, the piece of letter making this noise
Is faintly reminiscent

In the empty spot where someone once was
Go on, along with time
Leave, this drop of lingering attachment
So that nothing is left behind





Trans by @knks1p1025

[#W_FANCAFE] 170428 SEUNGHOON Poem- A Beautiful Sight

170428 Naver Fancafe

A Beautiful Sight / Lee Seunghoon



A beautiful sight,
one weekday afternoon a couple on a date cherry blossoms bloom on their rosy cheeks

A beautiful sight,
wind that feels nice snuggle and rub lovingly the leaves dance

A beautiful sight,
everyone the weather is simply nice but everyone is a beautiful sight




Trans: @chrissy96_

[#W_FANCAFE] 170426 SEUNGHOON’s Poem – Ripe Persimmon


Ripe Persimmon / Lee Seunghoon


My mom worries for me back at home

I worry for my mom who’s at home

This is love

You worry about me

I worry about you

This too, is love


In case your heart gets hurt

I hold you gently with two hands

Don’t burst


you who is soft like a ripe persimmon


Trans by: @chrissy96_

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