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Pop Group Winner Talks About Korea

Winner is a four-member pop group at YG Entertainment that has made a comeback recently with its newest chill trap, future bass and EDM hits. Winner placed first on international iTunes album charts in 18 countries with its title track “Everyday” that was released on April 4. The official music video was viewed more than 10 million times in just five days, showing how wildly popular Winner is internationally.

Korea.net visited Winner as it was filming a short promotional video for the Talk Talk Korea 2018 contest on April 29. We were able to sit down with Seunghoon, Mino, Jinwoo and Seungyoon, to hear their thoughts on various topics relating to Korean arts and music, such as Korean cuisine, fashion and history.



Through this contest, people from all around the world will be creating works of art that show their interpretation of not only Korean music, fashion and arts, but also Korean traditions and heritage items, too, including food and clothes. Are there any specific topics that you look forward to?

Seunghoon: These days, Pyeongyang cold noodles are really becoming a sensation in Korea. So, in terms of food, I think Pyeongyang cold noodles will become globally popular.
Mino: It would be better if they were real, authentic Pyeongyang cold noodles, from North Korea! Seunghoon’s a huge Pyeongyang cold noodles lover!
Jinwoo: That’s right. He really likes them!
Seunghoon: Yeah, I go for Pyeongyang cold noodles quite often.
Seungyoon: Oh, and Seunghoon not only likes Pyeongyang cold noodles, but he writes a lot about food in general in our lyrics.
Mino: Ah, and we’re also very interested in fashion.
Jinwoo: Hairstyles, too!
Seungyoon: I think Korean beauty trends and fashion, too, will become globally popular!

What do you think is a “must have item” in terms of fashion or style this season?

Seungyoon: Hmm. I don’t think there’s one specific “must have” item. As time goes by, the music as well as other aspects of art and popularity are free from restrictions.
Mino: Yeah, we’re becoming free from traditional rules and restrictions.
Seungyoon: Yes, and I think becoming free from fixed stereotypes and having one’s own unique style is the only trend these days.

Your pop group, Winner, is known for writing its own songs all by itself. I noticed that you write a lot about regions across Korea in your lyrics. Where in Korea would you recommend for a vacation?

Jinwoo: Well, we actually don’t get to travel a lot, but there are definitely some great famous places.
Mino: As for Haeundae Beach in Busan, which is noted in our song “Love Me Love Me,” it’s Seungyoon’s hometown.
Seungyoon: Yeah, I’d certainly want to recommend Haeundae.
Mino: And as for Aewol-eup on Jejudo Island, I felt like it would be nice to actually visit the place we wrote about.
Seungyoon: Yeah. In fact, I think we wrote about these places in our lyrics because we wanted to go there.

Do you have any other songs to introduce Korea?

Mino: Previously I was on the TV show “Infinite Challenge” for their special episode about history and hip-hop. At the time, I performed the songs “Shoot!” and “Turtle Ship,” which introduced a bit of Korean history.

*Additional information: The lyrics of the songs “Shoot!” and “Turtle Ship” introduce Yi Sun-sin (1545-1598), a naval commander famous for his victories against invaders during the Imjin War (1592-1598) in mid-Joseon times. The songs highlight Yi’s principles and famous quotations from the war.

Due to our history, it’s been said that people here have an “emotion of sorrow” (han, 한). In contrast to this, most of Winner’s songs are very relaxed and have a tropical vibe. According to Winner’s style, how would you change your expression?

Seunghoon: I think people here have an “emotion of joy” (heung, 흥), to be honest.
Seungyoon: That’s right! People here are known for that! Psy, from our company, also showed the world that we have a lot of joy. We would also like to show people all around the world that we know how to express joy, even more than sorrow.
Mino: Yeah, these days, we’re trying to make songs with a positive vibe, something that can bring joy to the people.
Jinwoo: Heung!

Any plans after this contest, as global artists?

Seungyoon: We’ll be working on actively promoting our album that came out on April 4. We’re planning to be on a lot of TV shows, and to make more opportunities to meet our non-Korean fans. I don’t know when exactly, but we’re also thinking of making a new album, and going on a tour and even a world tour this year, too.

Seunghoon: As for the YG Family concert, it’s definitely happening this year. We’ll be able to meet lots of our non-Korean fans together with other YG artists.

[#W_INTERVIEW] 180420 WINNER Q&A for Dazed Digital

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A conversation with WINNER, the superstar boy band making K-pop history

Text: Taylor Glasby

WINNER’s Jinu, Yoon, Mino, and Hoony are sat, makeup- free, on the couches in of South Korean pop giant YG Entertainment’s sleek headquarters in the Hapjeong area of Seoul. The walls are black and reflective, and on the wall hangs a large clock. It’s 6.15pm; 15 minutes earlier, WINNER released their new video, “Everyday”, and album, EVERYD4Y. The former will go on to earn WINNER their first ‘all-kill’ two days later, topping all six of the country South Korea’s real-time charts. But for the moment, they’re admittedly nervous, and Yoon divulges they had no sleep the night before. “We weren’t really expecting this much attention,” Yoon says. “But we always appreciate our global fans for looking forward to our new album and comeback.”

As pop trajectories go, WINNER’s past five years have certainly been a rollercoaster. After winning (and taking their name from) WIN: Who Is Next, an idol survival TV program run by their parent agency YG, and achieving wildly enviable success in their first year, WINNER went silent, with a 12-month hiatus that saw them lose a band member. Despite this shock, they carried on. While it was always likely that their comeback would be a success – thanks, in large part, to their well-established fandom – no one predicted just how huge “Really Really” would actually be, leading WINNER to become the first boy band to break 100 million streams on South Korea’s Gaon chart.

Having made their name as an idol group with mid-tempo melancholy (songs like “empty” and “color ring”) and timeless bluesy weariness (“Baby Baby”), it was frankly surprising to see them turn to a mix of trop-house, light disco, and funk on their singles of 2017. But with Yoon’s touch on every track as a songwriter and the members contributing lyrics, the step away from their beginnings was far less jarring than one might expect, and EVERYD4Y continues their ambitions as a group whose sonic boundaries are entirely malleable.


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[#W_INSTAGRAM] 180120 SEUNGYOON IG Story – Let’s Meet at CH+ Later

[IG STORY] 180120 w_n_r00: Let’s meet at CH+ after we finish eating

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[#W_INSTAGRAM] 180120 SEUNGYOON IG – Thank You Prison Playbook

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[ENG] Every single moment as Jean Valjean was happiness and an honor for me! Thank you! #WisePrisonLife

MINO COMMENT: I watched it for Kang Seungyoon but he was Jean Valjean and WPL became the drama of my life… You worked hard

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[ENG] Tik Tok with WINNER
# What should I wear today
# A surprise summoning of # the rulers of style

JINWOO: Directed by Hoony

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[#W_INSTAGRAM] 180118 JINWOO IG – Live A Good Life

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[ENG] Byungjae-hyung and Hyunbin had to go to their schedules🚗 Live a Good Life press conference finished👊 #Every Friday at 9PM

SEUNGYOON COMMENT: Our hyung is so cool

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