[#W_SUBBED] – Under The Black Moonlight [Completed]

Under The Black Moonlight (검은 달빛 아래서 / Geomeun Dalbich Araeseo). The drama revolves about incidents that take place to an owner of a mountain cabin and his mother after a group of friends’ visit to the cabin. -Mydramalist



  • Nam Tae Hyun as Kang Woo
  • Kim Soo Yeon as Wol Ha
  • Kim Seo Ra as Kang Woo’s Mother


English Subbed (by Winner Galaxy):

[#W_NEWS] WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun Cast as Lead in New Korean-Chinese Drama

It has been revealed that WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun will be starring in an upcoming joint Korean-Chinese drama after being cast as the male lead.

The cast and crew of the new co-production, “Under Black Moonlight” (working English title) are expected to begin filming around the end of this month.

“Under Black Moonlight” is said to be the first of a five-production series that will be produced by the Korean production company of the drama “Doctor Stranger,” along with a Chinese production company. It is reported to be a mystery-thriller genre with an elaborate storyline combined with an element of horror. It will follow the story of a group of students from an art school that take a trip to a mountain cabin, as well as the events that surround the owner of that cabin.

The production companies are currently in the stages of figuring out the rest of the cast lineup, and it is set for release later this year.

Source: naver via soompi

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