[#W_SUBBED] – Magic Cellphone [Completed]

Magic Cellphone (Hangul: 마법의 핸드폰; RR: Mabeobwi Haendeupon) is a 2016 South Korean web series that aired online from July 13, 2016 to September 14, 2016. The SBS drama is a Korean-Chinese joint venture of the production company Aura Media. It aired weekly on Sohu TV. -WIkipedia



  • Kim Jinwoo as Oh Tae-ji
    • Jung Jaehyuk as young Tae-Ji
  • Park Minji as Latte / Lee Jihee
    • Song Ji-ah as young Jihee
  • Nam Jung-hee as Ji-hee’s grandmother
  • Kwak In-joon as Ma Dong-sik
  • Kim Mi-so as Chief Jo
  • Kim Ki-doo as Kim Ho-Chang
  • Kang Dong-hwa as Joo-ok
  • Kim Sung-gi as Lee Tae-sun
  • Moon Soo-ah as Mi-mi
  • Han Ji-soo as Rogue Customer 1
  • Do-hae as Rogue Customer 2
  • Shin Ye-rin as Rogue Customer 3
  • Lee Chan-ho as Reporter


English Subbed (by Winner Galaxy):

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