[#W_NEWS] 170601 WINNER Achieving Success in Japan as well,1st Single Entered Oricon Chart in 4th Place

WINNER is achieving success in Japan as well… First single entered Oricon chart in 4th place

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[OSEN=선미경 기자] Group WINNER entered Japanese Oricon chart in a high rank with their first single album in Japan.

According to Oricon Style, the biggest records-ranking website in Japan, on June 1, WINNER’s new single “FATE NUMBER FOR(REALLY REALLY/FOOL)” released on May 31 entered Oricon’s daily chart in the fourth place, on the day of its release.

The new single includes the Korean version and Japanese version of “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL” released in Korea last month. As “REALLY REALLY” recorded long-run hit in Korea, taking No.1 on music charts and TV music shows, WINNER is expected to achieve remarkable success in Japan as well.

WINNER already proved their potential in Japan by leading the nine shows that attracted 36,000 fans in four cities in Japan to a great success. Recently, WINNER hosted a fan event in Tokyo on the 17 last month, before the release of their first single in Japan.

In the fan event, WINNER unveiled the performance of their new songs for the first time and honestly talked about how they felt when one of the members left the team last year, saying, “We ourselves were also worried about our future”.

2017. 6. 1.

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