[#W_NEWS] 170804 [New Song for Your Commute Home] WINNER Make a Comeback with Songs that are not Typical YG Style

[New Song for Your Commute Home] WINNER Make a Comeback with Songs that are not Typical YG Style


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[OSEN=김은애 기자] The songs are uniquely WINNER style. WINNER is using the disco genre to sweep you off your feet singing “love me” on an “island”.

WINNER released a new EP titled “OUR TWENTY FOR” at 4 PM on August 4. It’s been exactly four months since WINNER released “FATE NUMBER FOR” in April.

YG artists usually take long breaks to make high quality albums. But WINNER has made a comeback only after four months, which is a rare case for an YG artist. This shows that they have that much confidence in their new songs and that their songs are perfect for the summer season.

The title songs of the EP, “LOVE ME LOVE ME” and “ISLAND”, are filled with fresh summery feel. This doesn’t mean that WINNER has put in less effort making the songs. They have been working on the songs even before releasing “REALLY REALLY”, but because they are perfect for summer, WINNER has been waiting for the right time to release the songs.

WINNER is ready to take the charts by storm with a catchy disco song and a romantic tropical song. “LOVE ME LOVE ME” is a disco song with a touch of WINNER’s sophisticated style. YOON, MINO, and HOONY wrote the lyrics and YOON, MINO, and YG producing team FUTURE BOUNCE wrote the music.

“LOVE ME LOVE ME” has a fresh exciting beat, and once you hear the “WANT YOU TO LOVE ME/LOVE ME LOVE ME MORE” part, you will be humming the song before you know it.

“ISLAND” is a romantic dance hall/tropical song that has lyrics about an island, a subject rarely used in songs. It’s perfect to listen to in a holiday resort. YOON, MINO, HOONY, and Bekuk BOOM wrote the lyrics and YOON, FUTURE BOUNCE, and Bekuk BOOM wrote the music.

WINNER sings “This is our island. There’s cool champagne under the coconut trees. I’ll be your island.”

“LOVE ME LOVE ME” and “ISLAND” show WINNER’s upgraded music style, but more than that, they show the youth of WINNER, who members are 24 years old on average. Their yearning for freedom is portrayed in the songs. Even in the music videos, WINNER members fly about freely. They show off their youthfulness in Hawaii.

WINNER has established their own style with “LOVE ME LOVE ME” and “ISLAND”. The group has proven its potential and popularity with “REALLY REALLY”. They have indeed blossomed new flowers on the hip hop soil of YG.

WINNER has created a whole new genre called “WINNER”. Their “LOVE ME LOVE ME” is still high up on the charts, and expectations are running high for “LOVE ME LOVE ME” and “ISLAND”. Be ready to see WINNER take the music scene by storm with their new songs.

[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170526 Sung Hwan (WINNER’s Hair Stylist) IG Post – Received Singed ‘FATE NUMBER FOR’ Album

[IG] 170526 sunghwan5955 진심 너무 착한 #WINNER
무색한 #위너
잘될수 밖에 없는 #WINNER
열심히 하장




[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170515 Rovin (YG Producer) IG – Received Signed WINNER Album

[IG] 170515 rovincrew 로빈형인지 로반형인지 구분하기 힘들지만 멘트까지 잘 써준 우리의 @w_n_r00 군 땡큐-!
다음 앨범엔 나랑 같이 ㄱㄱ

#Winner #YG #로빈 #ㄱㄱ #앨범싸인 #행복기원917 #정성멘트



[ENG] SEUNGYOON’S MESSAGE: Hyuung! The song(s) we worked on together wasn’t included in this album but please help us make really great music next time!! I love you!! ♡
JINWOO’S MESSAGE: Rovin hyung!!
MINO’S MESSAGE: Rovin hyung ♡ I love you

rovincrew: Even though I can’t tell if it says Robin hyung or Rovan hyung, thank you to our Seungyoon for writing such a nice message-! Work on your next album with me, go go

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[#W_TWITTER] 170512 MBC Entertain – #1000days_with_winner

[TWITTER] 170512 MBC Entertain – 1000 Days With Winner

[#W_PROMOTE] 170510 ‘FATE NUMBER FOR’ Fan-Signing Event on 26th May-Yeongdeungpo Time Square




일시 (Event Date & Time) : 2017.05.26 (FRI) 7:00PM ~ 10:00PM
장소 (Location) :
영등포 타임스퀘어 아트리움 1층 원형무대

[참여 방법 : 교보 핫트랙스 영등포점에서 기간 내 앨범 구매자 중 추첨]
– 응모기간 : 2017년 5월 11일(목) ~ 5월 14일(일) 오후 8시까지
– 응모방법 : 응모 기간 내 교보 핫트랙스 영등포점에서 WINNER [FATE NUMBER FOR] 싱글앨범 구매
*자세한 사항은 해당 매장에 문의 / 02-2678-9961(영등포점)
– 당첨발표 : 5월 15일(월) 오후 3시 / http://www.hottracks.co.kr/ht/welcomeMain
– 당첨인원 : 총 200명 (앨범 구매자)
*자세히 보기 : http://ygfamily.com/artist/Notice.asp…

How to enter:
Fans must purchase WINNER’s ‘FATE NUMBER FOR’ single album @ Kyobo Hottracks in Yeongdeungpo between the dates:
2017.05.11 (THU) ~ 2017.05.14 (SUN) 8PM.

Total of 200 winners (Purchasers of album) will be announced on 2017.05.15 (MON) 3PM @ http://www.hottracks.co.kr/ht/welcomeMain



[WINNER ‘FATE NUMBER FOR’ 新专辑发售纪念签名会 – 最终场]

-日期及时间:5月26日(周五)7:00~10:00 PM
-地点:YEONGDEUNGPO TIMES SQUARE 1st Floor, Round Stage

-报名地点:Kyobo Hottracks (Yeongdeungpo) / 02-2678-9961 (Yeongdeungpo)
-报名期间:5/11 周四 ~ 5/14 周日晚上8点为止购买WINNER新专辑的粉丝
-结果公告日程:5/15 周一下午3点 @ O网页链接


[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170509 FROMYG – 444th Instagram Post

[IG] 170509 fromyg #WINNER #위너 #REALLYREALLY #릴리릴리 #나온지6주차 #역주행 #3위 #롱런각 #무도감사 #땡큐양세형 #인있위있 #FATENUMBERFOR #444포스팅은위너에게 #YG



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