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[#W_TWITTER] 170512 MBC Entertain – #1000days_with_winner

[TWITTER] 170512 MBC Entertain – 1000 Days With Winner

[#W_NEWS] 151017 Sweeping No.1 Upon Debut… One Year After


[OSEN=박소영 기자] ‘WINNER, Miss them?’

That was a question asked by YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK. Inner Circle fans answered loudly, “Of course, YES!”

WINNER swept the music scene upon their debut with title
track “empty” of their debut album “2014 S/S” released on August 12,
last year. They got nickname of “monstrous rookie” and rewrote the
history of Korea’s music scene. Now, it has been more than one year
since we first heard the new songs of WINNER.

As WINNER debuted in the second half of 2014, fans could
see them in a variety of music awards after the release of the team’s
debut album. Since the team received rookie of the year awards and
song’s awards in “Melon Music Awards”, “MAMA”, “SBS GAYO DAEJEON”, and
“Gaon Chart Awards”, they could present special performances at the end
of last year.

Then, the members of WINNER concentrated on individual
careers. Leader KANG SEUNG YOON left a big impression as an actor by
playing the title role in web-drama “We Broke Up”. The youngest member
NAM TAE HYUN also began his acting career by acting in web-drama
“Midnight Fantasy” and SBS TV’s “Midnight Diner”.

SONG MIN HO shook off a stereotype against him in Mnet’s
“Show Me the Money 4”, to be recognized as a talented rapper. LEE SEUNG
HOON focused on studying more about music, and KIM JIN WOO has recently
completed shooting for Korea-China web-drama “Magical Cell Phone” which
will be aired soon.

Fans were able to see WINNER members in a
variety of channels, but they wanted to see performance of the complete
team WINNER. They craved for good songs like “empty”, “COLOR RING”, and
“Don’t’ Flirt”. Fans were sorry that the team has released no new song
since their debut.

However, that was the same even for YG’s senior singers.
Even they had to wait for new releases. So, WINNER waited, too. Finally,
now, after more than one year from their debut, WINNER has become the
one to come back.

President YANG HYUN SUK excited fans at the end of last
month, by posting an image of WINNER’s logo with a phrase “Miss them?”
The question “Miss them?” was interpreted to mean “They will come back
soon, so wait and see”.

YANG has also directly mentioned WINNER to media outlets.
On the 3 this month, YANG met with the media after the debut concert of
iKON, “WINNER’s younger brother”, to say, “WINNER achieved success with
their first album and they will achieve even more with their second
album. They will present a surprising outcome. I have all the plans for
WINNER, so fans do not need to worry about them”.

Rookie idol groups usually do not leave from the music for
more than a year, because they have to aggressively build fandom in
early days of their career. However, WINNER is working hard for success
of their second album for a long time and fans are waiting for them with
firm confidence.

Fans’ shouts that “We wait because they are WINNER” are resonating the Hongdae (Hongik University) area.



[#W_NEWS] 151017 YG’s Monstrous Rookie? There Was WINNER First!

[OSEN=박소영 기자]  “WINNER is the real winner”

How many rookie singers could sweep music charts upon
their debut? This rookie idol group made all the songs in their debut
album take top places on charts upon their debut. That was the record
set by YG Entertainment’s original “monstrous rookie” WINNER last year.

WINNER wrote an unprecedented record with “empty”, the
title track of their debut album “2014 S/S” released on August 12 at 0
o’clock, last year. It is usually hard for a rookie singer to take top
place on charts, but WINNER stayed on top for a long time.

On the very stage of debut in TV music shows, WINNER took
the No.1. Beginning from Mnet’s “M-Countdown” on August 21, 2014, WINNER
took total six No.1 trophies for a month. They were the real “monstrous
rookie” who even achieved a triple crown in “M-Countdown”.

At that time, WINNER’s leader KANG SEUNG YOON expressed
his feelings, saying, “I’ve never expected this kind of success. I think
I’ll have to work even harder to live up to your expectations for my
team”. LEE SEUNG HOON added, “We’ve worked hard for a long time for our
debut and now we’re seeing this kind of really good outcome. I’m glad
that I’ve given back to our fans who have been waiting for us”.

The No.1 in music show was just a
beginning. In the end-of-year music awards last year, WINNER received
rookie awards and even song’s awards, too. In music awards including
“Melon Music Awards”, “MAMA”, “SBS GAYO DAEJEON”, and “Gaon Chart
Awards”, WINNER enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime honor of receiving rookie
of the year awards.

The most remarkable artist in Korea’s music scene in the
second half of 2014 was undoubtedly WINNER. Such success was achieved
within one year of the formation of the team WINNER in survival audition
program “WIN” of Mnet. As the team had worked hard and prepared for a
long time for their debut, they hit home-run of hit upon their debut.

Such monstrous rookie WINNER is hinting on their comeback
after one year of absence. YG Entertainment’s head YANG HYUN SUK posted
WINNER’s name, logo, and an image with phrase “Miss them?” on his blog
at the end of last month, raising fans’ curiosity for WINNER’s comeback.

The news of WINNER’s comeback is exciting the music scene.
Fans of Inner Circle are also keenly looking forward to what new songs
this “original monstrous rookie” will newly present to sweep music
charts again.

via: YG-LIFE


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