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[#W_NEWS] 170731 “Island” is one of the double title tracks for WINNER’s new album… “Romantic tropical”

[Official] “Island” is one of the double title tracks for WINNER’s new album… “Romantic tropical”


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[OSEN=이소담 기자] WINNER has unveiled “ISLAND”, the title of their new song. “ISLAND” is one of the double title tracks of WINNER’s new album that will sweep the music scene once again.

On July 31 in the morning, YG Entertainment unveiled a new poster on the company’s official blog (, to announce the title of the second new song “ISLAND” of WINNER’s new album, following the announcement of the first new song of the album “LOVE ME LOVE ME”.

Just like the feel of the title “ISLAND”, the poster shows an illustration of a tropical island. The title “ISLAND” and “LOVE ME LOVE ME” imply that WINER’s new album will be a cool one that quenches the scorching heat of the summer season.

“ISLAND” is a song of dance hall tropical genre, which talks about romantic feelings with the unique theme of “island” and interesting lyrics.

“ISLAND” was written by WINNER members, as “LOVE ME LOVE ME” was. The lyrics were written by KANG SEUNGYOON, SONG MINHO, LEE SEUNGHOON, and Bekuk BOOM. The melody was written by KANG SEUNGYOON, FUTURE BOUNCE of YG producer team, and Bekuk BOOM.

WINNER who is coming back only four months after their previous album gave a special meaning to “number 4” once again to their new album. “REALLY REALLY” that was released on April 4 at 4PM recorded a great hit. On August 4 at 4PM, exactly four months after the release of “REALLY REALLY”, WINNER is releasing a new album, to keep their promise to stay close to fans for the entire year 2017.

As WINNER’s new album talks about the youth, love, and dream of young men in their twenties, so music fans are showing keen interest in what kind of music and performances WINNER will present with their new album.




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[#W_NEWS] 170627 Producer of NJTTW4: “Kang Ho-dong and MINO are the closest. There’s good chemistry between them.”

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[일간스포트=박정선 기자] New Journey To The West is the most unique out of all the shows made by producer Na Young-suk. Viewers can often hear beep sounds inserted to hide the curses, and it is more about showing how the cast hang out rather than their travel to China. There are no fixed rules, and the cast members literally say whatever they want.

In Season 4 of New Journey To The West, the cast head to Vietnam instead of China. The subtitle of the season is “Apocalypse Now”. Lee Soo-jeun dressed up asPiccolo, a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series, and EUN JIWON became Sun Wukong, a Super Saiyan. They really went for saying whatever that came into their heads. Once, Na Young-suk had to apologize on his knees because they won the chance to ride a Lamborghini as a prize.

The viewing rate is lower than Na Young-suk’s other shows, but New Journey To The West is the best in creating issues. Just after the show began, New Journey To The West became No.2 in the contents power ranking.

However, the unique quality of the show all came from producer Shin Hyo-jung. She worked with Na Young-suk from his 2 Days & 1 Night days, a member of his original crew. She is known to be quite a fanatic, so much so that she even came back to Seoul to attend Seo Taiji’s concert in the middle of shooting the 2 Days & 1 Night show. We met Shin Hyo-jung to find out how her fanatical side led her to making such a great show.

-It seems as if Kang Ho-dong is not acting tough any more.

He doesn’t try to be the emcee or act like an older brother or a leader. He is more than 20 years older than MINO, but he likes to hang out with MINO the most. He always shares his room with MINO. MINO also seems to be comfortable around him. If you meet Kang Ho-dong in person, he is the funniest guy in the world. He is a great emcee and is funny on TV, but I want the viewers to see that he is really a funny person. He doesn’t like it when people feel uncomfortable around him. He wants them to come up to him and make jokes at him. He is actually younger in mind than most of the young people. He can even do girl group dances. People say that he’s enjoying his second glory days, and I think that his attitude is a big contributor. When he thinks that it’s time for others to shine, he takes a step back. He knows how to make others stand out too when doing a show. That’s a great strength.”

-When Lee Soo-keun put on the Piccolo outfit, we knew that this season is going to be a hit.

Lee Soo-keun never stops talking. Not even for a second. Even when the cameras are off in the bus, he becomes the DJ. He plays songs, throws quizzes, and play pranks. If he says one funny thing on the show, that means there are 99 other funny things he said that didn’t come on the show. He is also good at doing little dramas. When people look tired, he says something funny to cheer them up. When the crew has to do after-shooting work in Korea but don’t have the energy to start, we say “Let’s watch Lee Soo-keun’s part and then start”. He is the funniest person on the show. On the other hand, Kang Ho-dong is a bit conscious of the camera. When the cameras are turned off, he goes quiet. However, Lee Soo-keun doesn’t stop talking regardless of whether cameras are on or off.  He’s a true comedian. His life mission is to make people laugh. After he started wearing the Piccolo costume, he didn’t take off the antennae even after the day’s shooting was over. “

-MINO is in the center of spotlight this season.

We didn’t expect him to shave his head. We chose Lamborghini as one of the prizes because we played the game before and thought it was impossible. They just took home a lot of sponges. You can’t make a situation like that. He was very lucky.”

-It seems that MINO has a talent for being funny.

I don’t think he has talent, but he is real. We put a lot of thought into whom to pick for the new member because the cast is like family and they have to blend in. But he is real. He is true to his feelings, and he cares about looking cool like most people in his age. But he likes having fun and he doesn’t care about looking scruffy on TV. He even used the expression “hell disgusting“ in front of Na Young-suk and writer Lee Wu-jung. He listens when Kang Ho-dong talks. He is comfortable around Kang Ho-dong, but his eyes are full of mischief.”  

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