After a hard-earned win on October 25, 2013 in the survival show “WIN: WHO IS NEXT” produced by YG Entertainment and Mnet, WINNER debuted as a 5 member group – KANG SEUNGYOON, LEE SEUNGHOON, KIM JINWOO, SONG MINHO, and NAM TAEHYUN (who is now a former member) with their first album “2014 S/S” in August 2014.


Upon the release of WINNER’s debut album “2014 S/S”, WINNER swept the charts and within days was the fastest group to place first on music shows, an astonishing record for a rookie. Proving that they are indeed the “monster rookie”, they won many of the Rookie of the Year awards. (Mnet Asian Music Awards 2014, MelOn Music Awards 2014, SBS Awards Festival, Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards, and Golden Disk Awards).

Since then, WINNER has appeared in many variety shows as a group, as well as individually. They had their very own variety show, “WINNER TV” in 2014, and “Halfmoon Friends” in 2016. They have also starred in “Weekly Idol” as a guest group.

After a 1.5 year hiatus from group activities, YG Entertainment  revealed a long year project plan for WINNER in 2016. WINNER’s 2016 PROJECT was called “EXIT MOVEMENT.” The project consisted of 5 steps, of which only two were successfully revealed and completed. The first two steps that were revealed and completed were Step 1 and Step 2. Step 1 released their Entry Single, “Pricked,” which was released on 2016.01.11. Step 2 was Mini Album Exit:E, which released on 2016.02.01.


As for their individual activity, KIM JINWOO was recruited by Korean National Contemporary Dance Company to play “The Little Prince” and has starred in 2 web-dramas. KANG SEUNGYOON, has starred in various web-dramas and now is a fixed member of the SBS show “Flower Crew”. He has also participated in a Korean-China music show “The Collaboration” along with fellow member SONG MINHO. SONG MINHO who became the runner up for “Show Me The Money 4” and has since been on Infinity Challege, is now a fixed member of the tvN show “New Journey to the West Season 3”. LEE SEUNGHOON is immensely interested in fashion and dance and has collaborated with the fashion brand NII Korea to release the “I NIID YOU” collection and have participated in tvN’s “Eat Sleep Eat”. NAM TAEHYUN has participated in various web-dramas as well as appearing in “Actor School”. NAM TAEHYUN left the group in November 25th 2016, but he is still pursuing music individually.