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The year 2017 was precious for group WINNER. They released their single album FATE NUMBER FOR after 1 year and 2 months long hiatus and they swept up wins in music charts and music shows. Although they had reformed themselves as a 4-membered group, the comeback brought them rewarding outcomes after a long hiatus.

Now, they’re back with their second full album EVERYD4Y. WINNER’s last full album was in 2014. As much as it took them 4 years to release a second full album, Kang Seungyoon, Lee Seunghoon, Kim Jinwoo, and Song Mino are confident with all 12 songs.

Kang Seungyoon, “When we were preparing this album, we worried a lot. We mulled over what kind of WINNER we wanted to show to the public since this album displays our identity. The conclusion we came to was that the album should have messages that many people can relate to. The messages of each song are all different but we all have the goal of giving hope and comforting people who listen to our music.”

Song Mino, “Since it’s a full album, there were many different concepts we could try. Since we’re greedy, one of the things we worked hard to achieve was to touch the heart of the listener. There are songs that leave a mark in life and you listen to it no matter how much time passes. They’re different from songs that you listen for a few times and never look for it again. We wanted to make songs that would leave a lasting mark on listeners and also contain our unique color.”

Among the 12 songs that all the members played a part in producing, EVERYDAY is their title track. This song is about a fresh love that is like a flower that has just blossomed. Kang Seungyoon, Lee Seunghoon, and Song Mino worked together to create this song. With its release, EVERYDAY swept up #1 on numerous music charts and further proved WINNER’s value.

Kang Seungyoon, “I don’t think it’s groundbreaking to make self-composed music. Almost all groups promote with self-produced music now and they’re talented at it. We don’t think we’re radically different from other groups but our strength would be that our unique color shows itself naturally in our music. We released four songs last year and [three of them] were cheerful and energetic songs. We want to give many people the feeling of becoming youthful.”

Lee Seunghoon, “I think WINNER’s music has an energy that makes the listener feel good. Each group has their own distinct characteristics and those characteristics are their strengths. There used to be a stereotype that YG groups get swept away by their own coolness and overflow with swag. I think you can say that WINNER is an energetic boy group. I think our bright and cheerful energy make people happy.”

Among the four of them, it was the first time for Lee Seunghoon to have his self-composed songs be included in the album. He participated in all 12 songs but he has special affection for ’SPECIAL NIGHT’, a disco song about enjoying a fancy evening, and ‘RAINING’, an emotionally sensitive song where one feels the absence of a significant other because of a rainy day.

Lee Seunghoon, “I made ‘RAINING’ because I love rainy days. I made ‘SPECIAL NIGHT’ because I enjoy listening to disco funk and I wondered what it would be like to make a song of that genre with WINNER’s style and color. I took part in producing [for the first time] and I’m shy to say this but I think it was meaningful since I was able to show my potential in producing in this way.”

Kang Seungyoon, “Director Yang Hyunsuk directly praised Seunghoon-hyung for his songs. He said that if we didn’t have any songs to show him until the weekend, we would have to release a mini album so we stayed up all night for a week straight and had him listen to 2 to 3 new songs all at once (that week). He praised us for each of us having a distinct composing style since that’s what makes listening to the album enjoyable.”

The most eye-catching member of this “self-produced idol group” WINNER is none other than the eldest, Kim Jinwoo. In an interview last year, he revealed his personal thoughts, “I want to raise my discretion and release a solo song or anything [that showcases my abilities].” While talking about how he didn’t compose any songs on this recently released album, he stated that he was in the middle of preparing his solo song. It seems that this song has a different color from WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo.

Kim Jinwoo, “Many people ask me about composing and writing my own lyrics but I don’t have the confidence to do well. I think I haven’t prepared myself enough for that yet. I’m constantly working on it. I think that if I work hard, it’ll be possible. Director Yang Hyunsuk also agreed with me. Right now I’m working on my solo song. WINNER songs need to be good and sophisticated so I want the members to keep making our group songs.”

Kang Seungyoon, “Right now, Director Yang Hyunsuk is overlooking the production of Jinwoo-hyung’s solo song. We all thought it would be nice for Jinwoo-hyung to release a solo song so the workings are in progress. We don’t know yet if it’ll be a solo album or a side track on our group album. We haven’t listened to it either so we’re curious too. Jinwoo-hyung should promise that he’ll work hard to release it as soon as possible (laughs).”

From releasing their album to preparing for solo songs, WINNER’s versatility makes them a busy group. Recently, they are in the middle of preparing a concert tour to meet with their fans in Asia. Within their busy schedule, it wouldn’t be surprising if they faint from exhaustion but they are as energized as ever. When asked about the secret behind their energy, they replied, “It’s because of our good teamwork.”

Kang Seungyoon, “During our last 4 years of promoting, there were incidents and hardships. It wasn’t obvious to the public but during hiatuses, we started taking the time to talk to each other more often. From last year, we started making really happy memories and we keep wanting to make happy memories. I think this kind of conversation help us maintain good teamwork.”

Song Mino, “I think the main reason we have good teamwork is thanks to Jinwoo-hyung and Seunghoon-hyung. When there is an absence of conversation within a group of people, things build up and then explode uncontrollably in the end. We tend to share our thoughts right away. Whether it’s Jinwoo-hyung, Seunghoon-hyung, or Seungyoon, we always listen to each other’s stances and talk it out to resolve it no matter what.”

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