A place for Inner Circles from all over the world.

Who We Are?

We are a hard working team of administrators, designers, editors, translators, and country representatives from all around the globe.

Main Objectives

1. Being Inner Circle’s source of information

A sort of WINNER encyclopedia that will include information about the members, updates, news articles, translations, photos, videos, tutorials, links to everything, and more. A platform where new and old fans will be able to find all they need.

2. Being a worldwide community

A place where Inner Circle from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Weibo will be able to meet and interact with each other.
Further more, as we are an international fanbase, Inner Circle will be able to not only get in contact with their country’s main fanbase, but also participate in projects done by different fanbases from around the world.

3. Being a service center for Inner Circle

Where Inner Circle will have several resources at their reach.
Services such as bulk buying WINNER products/goods run by country representatives, mass streaming training so every Inner Circle knows how to properly stream through MelOn and YouTube, and also a W-INCLE Store where you’ll find official YG merchandise and also fanmade goods by our very own Inner Circle.

Point of Views


W-Store is one of the many projects of W-INCLE all aiming to raise funds for WINNER Support.


We will have upcoming projects for WINNER support so we hope you can all participate in any way you can!


Coming soon!

We believe that Inner Circles should always stick together, as we are only strong when united.

Let’s support WINNER together.

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