[#W_NEWS] 180405 WINNER Achieves ‘All-Kill’ in Korean Charts… No. 1 on iTunes Charts in 18 Different Countries

WINNER Achieves ‘All-Kill’ in Korean Charts… No. 1 on iTunes Charts in 18 Different Countries

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[일간스포츠=김연지 기자] WINNER dominated music charts with their new song ‘EVERYDAY’.

As of April 4, at 8 PM, the title song ‘EVERYDAY’ from WINNER’s 2nd official album ‘EVERYD4Y’ was placed at no. 1 on Melon, which is Korea’s largest music streaming platform, and as of today(5th) at 1 AM, they achieved an ‘all-kill’ by topping all 8 music charts in platforms including Melon, Mnet, Olleh, Naver Music, Bugs, Genie, Soribada, and Monkey 3. WINNER’s sensational performance in real-time charts continued, and is maintaining its no. 1 spot 7 different platforms as of 8 AM.   

Not only the title song but all 12 tracks from the 2nd album successfully reached the chart and ‘lined-up’, showing WINNER’s power and influence in music charts. 

As it was WINNER’s official full-length album being released in 4 years, the responses by music fans towards the new album were explosive. The group dominated no. 1 real-time searched keywords in major portal sites and Melon as soon as the new song was released, proving the close attention WINNER’s new album is receiving. 

The song also received a lot of attention overseas. WINNER’s new album was ranked at no. 1 on iTunes Charts in 18 different countries, proving WINNER’s global popularity. The album was placed at no. 1 in countries including Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Columbia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. They were ranked at no. 5 in the United States, which is the country with the largest music market in the world. 

WINNER’s ‘EVERYDAY’ is a song in a Trap genre unlike what WINNER has previously shown through their music. The song proved WINNER’s broadened musical spectrum, and gave listening pleasure for the fans and public. The witty lyrics such as ‘I can’t see the end of you’, and ‘You’re like the waves, fresh every day’ and the catchy chorus which members repeat the word ‘everyday’ grabbed the listeners’ attention. 

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