[#W_NEWS] 180405 US Billboard “WINNER’s Challenge on Various Genres… Proves Their Hard Work in the Past 4 Years”

US Billboard “WINNER’s Challenge on Various Genres… Proves Their Hard Work in the Past 4 Years”


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[스포츠조선=조윤선 기자] WINNER proved their influence by dominating not only domestic charts, but also global charts. 

As of Today (6th) at 8 AM, the title song ‘EVERYDAY’ from WINNER’s 2nd official album ‘EVERYD4Y’ achieved a no. 1 ‘all-kill’ in 7 different charts including Melon, Mnet, Genie, Soribada, Bugs, Olleh, and Naver. After topping various music charts as soon as its release, ‘EVERYDAY’ is maintaining its top position in music charts for 3 days. 

Following their no. 1 march in Korean and iTunes Charts, they also dominated Chinese music charts as well. ‘EVERYDAY’ was placed at no. 1 on the Comprehensive New Releases Chart in QQ Music, which is China’s largest music platform. Furthermore, other tracks including ‘AIR’, ‘HELLO’, ‘TURN OFF THE LIGHT’, and ‘LA LA’ were also placed at the top ranks, proving WINNER’s presence in China, QQ Music’s Comprehensive New Releases Chart has a lot of meaning since the chart includes Chinese songs as well as foreign songs. 

Also, the video for ‘EVERYDAY’ shot at Malibu, California by maestro director Dave Meyers was placed at QQ Music’s K-Pop MV Chart. WINNER’s transformation and their homme-fatal charms displayed with Malibu’s beautiful scenery as the background became the center of attention. 

The song ‘EVERYDAY’ topped iTunes Charts in 18 different countries as soon as its release, proving the global attention on WINNER. The song also topped the Pop Album Chart and the K-Pop Album Chart in iTunes Japan, while being placed at no. 5 in the United States, the country with the largest music market in the world. 

Furthermore, WINNER’s new album received the spotlight from US Billboard. On April 5 (local time), Billboard stated “WINNER came back with their 2nd official album, ‘EVERYD4Y” and introduced, “WINNER studied on their music styles in various ways through the new album”. 

They continued, “What captures the listeners’ attention is that the members participated in the writing and composing of all tracks”. On WINNER’s album that contains various genres such as Hip-hop, Acoustic, Pop, and Trap, the album Billboard stated, “WINNER’s new album contains various genres the group has challenged on since debut, which proves their hard work in the past 4 years”, mentioning WINNER’s growth in musicality.   

2018. 4. 6.

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