[#W_NEWS] 180404 WINNER’s confidence in their full album, “their child”

“Yang Hyunsuk’s positive feedback & losing 10kg”… WINNER‘s confidence in their full album, “their child”

SEUNGYOON Since it’s been 4 years since our last full album, doing round interviews with journalists like this will become a precious memory for us. Please take pictures with us before you leave.

SEUNGHOON We’re all excited and nervous about releasing this album. When you (journalists) post articles, you hope many people “like” them, right? It’s the same for us. This album feels like our child. We’re deeply nervous and hope people like it.

JINWOO My members worked hard and created songs for our fans while thinking about them so I want ppl to listen to the album quickly.

MINO Producer Yang Hyunsuk told us to make a full album rly suddenly so our happiness was like finding 10000won in our winter coat.

SEUNGHOON I get so much help from YOON so I want to thank him.

SEUNGYOON I really don’t do much. Since I’m a vocalist, I just tweak the melodies my members make. YHS praised us saying, “it’ll be a fun album since each of you have such different composing styles. Producer Yang rarely gives praises so his compliment made me happy. It was our first time to see him praising us. The group chat became so crazy with happiness. I dont think we’ve ever joked like that with him. We’re thankful and it’s a happy memory.

JINWOO I would like to take part in creating songs but I’m not confident that I’ll do well like my members. YHS also talked to me about my solo music. I’ve been preparing it a bit and working hard.

SEUNGYOON I hope a song Jinwoo participated in will be released in our next album.


Credit: @chrissy96_

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