[#W_INSTAGRAM] 180101 WINNERCITY IG – First Day of 2018

[IG] 180101 winnercity [2018년의첫날] 으아니 머에여… 이 진취적이고 목표지향적인! 빠이팅밖에 모르는! 위너를 위해서라면 두단계 정도 앞서가는! 그저 열심히 살아버리는 사람드라…🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ 우리는 1월 1일도 스밍노동한 박인서를 알고있다🤭 그래서 팀위너도 열일할 2018년을 준비하다가, 문득 지난 가요대전을 위해 열일하는 선생님들의 (aka 모니터쟁이들) 뒷모습을 발견하고 가지고 와 보았는데요. #반전뒷태 새해에는 더 자주 오래 봐요 우리!🙏🏻 #지난밤39위한릴리릴리 #우리다봤지롱 #너어어어뮤고맙지 #말로어찌다하겠어요 #FOROURCIRCLE #JINU #지누 #박인서 #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER



[ENG] [First day of 2018] Wh..at is this…You are all enthusiastic, goal-driven, and hardworking people who would do anything for WINNER!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ We know that ICs streamed very hard on January 1st. So, in the middle of preparing to work hard in 2018, TEAM WINNER is sharing a photo we found of the members’ backs when they were working hard for the gayo stage (when they were monitoring themselves). (Didn’t expect his back to look like this) Let’s meet up more often and for a long time in the new year!🙏🏻 #We saw REALLY REALLY was at #39 last night #We’re sooooo thankful #There’s not enough words to express ourselves

trans by chrissy96_




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