171105 winnercity [주말인데모해요] 주말인데 박인서들 다 모했어영?🙋🏻 날씨가 조금 추워지기는 했지만 그래도 얼굴에 닿는 바람이 기분 좋아요! 팀위너는, 다른 동네분들은 팬분들이랑 뭐하는지 뭐하면 좋아할지📝 구경하러 서점도 가고 멤버들이 보면 좋을 책들도 맘속으로 찜꽁하고 왔는데요🤓 멤버들과 팀위너는 오래전부터 좋은 사진이나 전시회나 글들을 추천하고 했었는데 위너시티 안에서도 좋은 그림이나 글, 음악이나 마음들을 서로 추천해주고 나누고 해요 우리!🙏🏻 그럼 저는 청량함이 넘치다 못해 뚝뚝 흐르는 대장의 #쎄유랍미 남기고 갑니당! 총총💙 #저녁에사이다안마셔도되겠어요 #사랑이넘치는표정이에요 #누구네대장이게요🙋🏻🙋🏻‍♂️#TBT #LMLM #YOON #WINNER #WINNER #TEAMWINNER



[ENG] [It’sTheWeekend, WhatAreYouUpTo] What have ParkInseos been up to this weekend?🙋🏻 Although the weather has gotten a bit cold, the breese against our faces feels good! We, TEAMWINNER went to the bookstore to check out what others are doing with their fans, to ponder about what ParkInseos would like📝 and we also made a mental note of which books would be good for our members to read🤓 For a long time, the members and TEAMWINNER have been sharing and recommending to one another good photographs, exhibits, or written pieces, and why don’t we all share and recommend good paintings, written pieces, music, or good notions to one another, here in WINNERCITY!🙏 For now, I’ll get going and leave you with #SayYouLoveMe by the Captain who is so refreshing that he’s oozing sense of refreshment!*leaps away*💙 #WeWouldntNeedToDrinkAnySpriteTonight(*cuz SY is so refreshing) #LookHowHisFacialExpressionIsOverflowingWithLove #Who’sCaptainIsThis 🙋🏻🙋🏻‍♂️ #TBT #LMLM #YOON #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER

trans by maran1025




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