[#W_INSTAGRAM] 171029 WINNERCITY – Meticulous Men

171029 winnercity [꼼꼼쟁이들] 요즘에 #위너시티 를 통해 보여드리는 이런 영상들은, 보통 뮤직비디오 찍을 때 항상 모니터 앞에 팀위너가 꼭 붙어서 촬영하는데요. #용량과배터리와의사투 거의 모든 컷들을 다 찍어서 촬영이 끝나고 난 날 저녁에 멤버들과 모니터 영상을 가지고 이야기 하고, 내일은 어떻게 하자 저렇게 하자🤔 이야기 하는 용도로 쓰이곤 합니다🖥 뮤직비디오의 제작 현장을 리얼타임으로 전할 수는 없지만🙊, 이렇게 현장에서 컷 소리가 나도 멤버들의 촬영은, 하루는 끝나지 않습니다! 뽜이야🙌🏻 #대장파트 @w_n_r00 #TBT #LA #YOON #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER



[ENG] [Meticulous Men] These clips that we’ve been sharing via #WINNERCITY are usually taken by TEAMWINNER right in front of the monitor during MV filming. #TheStruggleWithPhoneStorageSpaceAndBattery We film almost every scene, and when the day’s filming is over, we and the members gather around these recordings of the monitor to discuss it, and these videos are also used 🖥 to talk about whether to do things this way or that way during the next day’s filming🤔 Although we cannot deliver you the makings of a MV at the same time that it’s being filmed🙊, we would like you to know that even when the direct has said “cut!”, their filming and their day do not end there! Fiiiiiiiire🙌🏻 #Captain’sLines @w_n_r00 #TBT #LA #YOON #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER

trans by maran1025




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