[#W_INSTAGRAM] 171004 WINNERCITY – Has The Full Moon Risen

[IG] 171004 winnercity [보름달떴나요] 위너시티에는 도련님달💙 이 떴어요. #존잘달 이번 추석은 날짜도 10월 4일이어서 #1004 어쩐지 무슨 프로모션이라도 해야 할 것 같아요!😅 넘나 1004 인 것이 소원 빌면 어쩐지 더 잘 들어 줄 것 같고 그렇지 않나요!💕 #아니라고해도거절은거절한다 박인서가 달을 보며 생각한 모든 소원들이 이뤄지길 위너와 팀위너가 기도합니다!😊 #맛있는거많이먹고 #안먹은척두번먹고 #따뜻하고 #건강한 #하루가되었길 #JINU #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER



[ENG] *Preface*Chuseok is one of the greatest holidays of Korea. It is also called Hangawee/한가위 in pure Korean language, meaning the centre of autumn and the centre of August (15th Aug) in Lunar calendar, and as it is based on Lunar calendar, the dates vary every year in terms of Gregorian calendar. Also, every 15th of each month in Lunar calendar is the day when the moon is at its fullest, so for Hangawee, which is in autumn, the full moon represents an abundant harvest and people have traditionally made a wish to the full moon for a good harvest next year. This wishing tradition continues to today and people make more modern and various wishes. Furthermore, the word ‘Chuseok’ literally means ‘autumn evening’ and further translates to ‘the evening when autumnal moon shines the brightest’

[HasTheFullMoonRisen] In WINNERCITY YoungMaster-Moon💙 has risen. #SuperHandsomeMoon This Chuseok has come on 4th October in Gregorian calendar #1004(*the number 1004 in Korean is homonymous to the word ‘angel’) that we feel like we should have some sort of promotion or something!😅 It’s so 1004-ish(angelic) that it almost feels like it would really grant your wish, right?!💕 #EvenIfYouDisagreeWeRefuseYourRefusalToAgree TEAMWINNER wishes that all the wishes ParkInseos have wished upon the moon come true!😊 #HopeTodayWasADayOf #EatingAWholeLotOfDeliciousFood, #EatingTwicePretendingYouDidntHaveAnyFoodYet, #Warmth, #AndHealth #JINU #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER

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