[#W_NEWS] 170827 MINO’s “song finger” Magic Worked on Knowing Bros Too

[Review IS] MINO’s “song finger” Magic Worked on Knowing Bros Too


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[일간스포츠=정여진 기자] WINNER’s MINO took over Knowing Bros with his “song finger” magic in addition to New Journey to the West. 

MINO and TAEYANG appeared as guests on August 26th episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros. They showed off their witty side by telling funny stories and doing slapstick comedy and impersonations. 

MINO said, “Don’t stop here. I’ve moved here from Winner High.” He tried to gain an upper hand by saying “Hi Hodong” to Kang Hodong first. 

MINO has been dubbed “song finger” since he did elephant spins excellently on New Journey to the West. He competed with Min Kyonghoon, who is also known for doing elephant spins well.

The game consisted of three rounds. Contestants had to do 10 to 20 elephant spins and then read out loud what was written on the back of the door. The winner of the first round was MINO, but Min Kyonghoon won the second round. They had to do 10 mid-range elephant spins for the third round. Min Kyonghoon finished in 12.78 seconds and MINO in 11.75 seconds, making MINO the final winner of the game. MINO put his thumb up and said, “Now I am able to keep my pride”. 

Then the cast played the “Guess Me” game. MINO revealed that he writes down his worries on a piece of paper and throws it away to get rid of the negative thoughts in his head. He said, “If I have those thoughts in my head before I go to sleep, then it is bound to affect me in a bad way.” He also said he sometimes writes lyrics for the same reason. 

MINO said that he likes Kang Hodong but he won’t have him as his real brother. He said,” My mom and him are only one year apart. I would like to have him as my real brother, but he has too many of them around him already.” Seo Janghoon made everyone laugh by saying, “Kang Hodong wants to team up with you because he only wants to use you and look trendier.” 

MINO revealed a funny story about his Show Me The Money Days. He said, “It was when I was doing the ‘FEAR’ stage with TAEYANG. I was feeling really emotional when I was rapping the part that goes ‘Dad. If you can see me, tell me the right answer’ and I looked at him. But he was smiling, so I felt awkward.” Lee Sookeun joked, “Maybe he didn’t know the right answer”. 

Lastly, MINO did a parody of the Woman of Dignity drama with TAEYANG. They were so bad at acting, it made everyone laugh. MINO did a really bad impersonation of Choi Minsik and Ahn Sungki, but he was really confident when doing it, making it funnier.  

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