[#W_NEWS] 170823 “New Journey to the West 4”… MINO is Now a Member of Kang Ho-dong Line

[People IS] “New Journey to the West 4”… SONG MINHO is now a member of Kang Ho-dong line


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[일간스포츠=이미현 기자] SONG MINHO has become the luckiest one among the cast members of “New Journey to the West 4” show, completing an unprecedented character. He has been newly born as a member of Kang Ho-dong team. 

Season 4 of tvN’s “New Journey to the West” was finished on August 22. 

SONG MINHO greatly contributed to the success of the show until the very last episode. In the final episode, the cast members of the show engaged in a game of finding out each one’s team member. SONG MINHO hid Kyuhyun’s red pepper paste and put a tube of lotion with similar shape instead. When Kyuhyun found it out, SONG denied it and when everyone else criticized him, SONG mischievously insisted that he learnt such behavior from the other cast members, to make everyone burst into laughter. 

SONG MINHO gained a nickname of “SONG idiot” in “New Journey to the West 4” show. However, he showed outstanding skills of jumping and painting. He also boasted a very special ability of balancing his body. When he was called “SONG finger” after leading a game of balancing to victory, that was one of the most hilarious scene of the show. 

After making 15 turns with his arms twisted downward, SONG MINHO had to pinpoint a tiny spot on a game board attached on the wall with the tip of his finger. Even after turning for 15 times, SONG did not lose a perfect balance of his body and precisely pointed the spot he wanted on the game board. 

The producing staff of “New Journey to the West 4” show had implemented dozens of simulations for the game board that gave girth to legendary “SONG finger”. They were really surprised at SONG MINHO who never lost his balance after making 15 turns. The producing staff unveiled a behind story, saying, “The producing staff tried the game so many times, but nobody succeeded. We intentionally raised the number of turns for the cast members and everyone could not help getting surprised so much, seeing SONG MINHO pinpointing every tiny spot on the game board”. 

As such, SONG MINHO left a big impression to leader Kang Ho-dong. SONG’s perfect chemistry with the older cast members of “New Journey to the West” show contributed to the birth of new characters for SONG MINHO. The producing staff of the show said, “The other members were really impressed by SONG’s sense of humor and wit. Notably, everyone could see how much Kang Ho-dong likes SONG MINHO.” People are now paying keen attention to how successful SONG MINHO will be in variety TV shows, as a rookie liked by Kang Ho-dong. 

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