[#W_NEWS] 170817 “3rd Anniversary” WINNER Now Begins the 4th year of Their Career to be Filled with Good Days after going through Many Ups and Downs

[Music IS] “3rd anniversary” WINNER now begins the 4th year of their career to be filled with good days after going through many ups and downs


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[일간스포츠=황지영 기자] Group WINNER celebrates the 3rd anniversary of their debut. The first message from WINNER in celebration of their new beginning with lucky number “4” was about their gratitude for fans.

WINNER appeared in Mnet’s reality show “WIN: Who Is Next” survival competition show and then made a fancy debut with the release of their first full album on August 12 in 2014. In that year, WINNER created sensation with debut song “empty” and became the best rookie of the year recognized by music experts.

However, WINNER faced a long-time slump since then. After releasing an album, WINNER had been absent from the music scene for one year and five months. Then, WINNER came back with new song “SENTIMENTAL” in February 2016. WINNER could not perform for the new album because of NAM TAEHYUN’s health issues and eventually, NAM TAEHYUN left the team in November that year.

That was the biggest crisis for WINNER since their debut, but people still remembered WINNER. The “444” strategy after WINNER’s restructuring into four members worked. WINNER recorded a long-run hit with “REALLY REALLY” released on April 4 at 4PM in 2017, staying in top ranks on music charts for a long time. After ending a long absence from the music scene for one year and two months, WINNER is now spreading their wings again to become the most beautiful swan of YG.

WINNER is continuously presenting themselves to people after coming back to the music scene with “LOVE ME LOVE ME” released on August 4. The team is spending the 3rd anniversary of their debut close to fans by appearing in TV music shows and variety TV shows. KANG SEUNGYOON expressed his gratitude for fans by saying on his Instagram, “Looking back on the past three years, we have been doing our best for the future! We’ve gone through many ups and downs during those years but INNER CIRCLE has always trusted and followed us and made our youth shine! Thank you so much”.

KANG also wished for a better future for WINNER from the fourth year of their career, saying, “We’ll keep doing our best in order to make every moment with INNER CIRCLE a shiny good day”.



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