[OSEN] WINNER’s heart fluttering “Love Me Love Me” – a surprise reveal of the dance practice video

[+121,-0] Love Me Love Me is so good !!

[+102,-0] Both Love Me Love Me & Island are so good, especially the shoulder dance part in Love Me Love Me, it made me move my shoulders too R R R

[+100,0] WINNER — you have worked very hard. Let’s walk on the flowery path only now C C2

[+93,-0] Ah it’s so heart fluttering ^^

[+24,-0] The dance practice started with heart and also ended with love … I died because the song is so good but I died again today seeing how good the choreography is

[+22,-0] The dance made me want to dance along ~ so exciting, disco disco


trans by @winnerlegacy

source: OSEN via NAVER