WINNER to do a V Live Show on August 5 to Celebrate its Comeback and will Reveal the Behind Stories of Music Video Shoot

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[스포츠조선닷컴=정유나 기자] WINNER is to make a comeback with “LOVE ME LOVE ME” and “ISLAND” on August 4, and it has been just announced that WINNER will do a V Live show.

At 11 AM on August 1, YG Entertainment uploaded an image to promote WINNER’s V Live show titled “MIDSUMMER NIGHT” on its official blog.

The show will start at 8 PM on August 5, the day after WINNER’s comeback. It will be the first time the fans will get to see WINNER after the release of their new EP “OUR TWENTY FOR”.

On the show, WINNER will tell all the behind stories of what happened during their music video shoot in Hawaii.

They will also talk about their new EP and the behind stories and reveal the makings video of their music video. Expectations are running higher than ever among fans.

The video of WINNER’s Hawaii shoot has been revealed little by little on WINNER’s official Instagram page, “WINNERCITY”, and fans have been showing a fervent response. No wonder they are highly anticipating the behind stories that will be revealed at WINNER’s V Live show.

WINNER has shown great teamwork and funny sense of humor when they appeared on radio and variety shows, and fans are curious about how WINNER will make them laugh this time around.

“LOVE ME LOVE ME” is a modern interpretation of the disco genre, and “ISLAND” is a dance hall/tropical song that fits perfectly with the hot summer season.



Main source: Sport Chosun dot com