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[#W_NEWS] 170731 With Four Days to Go until Comeback, WINNER Reveals a Picture Showing Off its Boyish Charms

With Four Days to Go until Comeback, WINNER Reveals a Picture Showing Off its Boyish Charms


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[동아닷컴=홍세영 기자] WINNER’s comeback is drawing near, and a picture featuring all its members is revealed.

In the afternoon of July 21, YG Entertainment uploaded a picture of WINNER on its official blog to mark the group’s comeback, which is to take place in four days. The picture features WINNER members looking fresh in clean-cut white t-shirts and shorts.

On August 4, WINNER is to release its new EP containing “LOVE ME LOVE ME” and “ISLAND” as title tracks.

“LOVE ME LOVE ME” is a disco song with a catchy hook that well portrays WINNER’s sophisticated musical tone. “ISLAND” is a dance hall and tropical genre song with unique lyrics about an island.

WINNER members participated in writing the music and lyrics of both songs, enabling the fans to see their upgraded musical style.

After making a comeback in April with “REALLY REALLY”, WINNER has been actively promoting the song by appearing on music shows and radio and variety programs. Currently, MINO and JINU are regular cast members of New Journey to the West 4 and The Wizard of Ozi, respectively, and both of them have gained great popularity. Therefore, expectations are running higher than ever for WINNER’s new EP.

An YG official said, “The EP is all about the youth of the twenties. It will be a chance to see WINNER’s fresh young color and identity.”

The pre-order of WINNER’s new EP will start at 5 PM on July 31. The EP will come out in two versions, FOR YOUTH and FOR DREAM, which have different booklet images. It will be sold from August 7 on YG E-shop and other online and offline record shops.





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[#W_NEWS] 170730 Oh!Ssen Review: WINNER’s Live Performance on Music Show Blows Everyone Away

[Oh!Ssen Review] WINNER’s Live Performance on Music Show Blows Everyone Away


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[OSEN=김나희 기자] WINNER is being praised for their great live singing skills.

The July 29th episode of MBC’s Show! Music Core showed WINNER singing “REALLY REALLY” at the show’s 2017 Ulsan Summer Festival.

WINNER members came up on the stage wearing costumes that showed their unique personalities. They seemed to be completely relaxed on stage, and their live singing was impeccable even though they had to do big dance moves, which enthralled the audience in Ulsan.

After the show was aired, people posted comments online praising WINNER’s live performance. WINNER members did not have any back vocals, and the audience was able to truly enjoy the song sang by their voices only. Although it was not a perfected version as if on a CD, WINNER’s live singing enabled the audience to truly enjoy WINNER’s real singing.

Usually, idol groups use a lot of back vocals for live performances on music shows because it is hard to monitor their singing and male idol groups also have do a lot of aggressive dancing. Also, festivals like the Ulsan Summer festival attract a large number of audience, and monitoring live singing becomes even more difficult because of all the cheering.

However, WINNER was different. Their voice pierced through the air, and although it was a live performance, their singing was great and in tune with the audience. WINNER also improvised and made changes to the song, making the audience know that it was 100 % live singing.

Live performances work particularly well when there is a large crowd because singers can react promptly to the audience’s response and really connect with them. This is why singers love singing at their own concerts. WINNER deserves to be praised for their live singing on Show! Music Core as it shows that WINNER truly has what it takes to be a great singer.

It is not an exaggeration to say WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY”, which was released on April 4, became their biggest hit song. This means that WINNER has succeeded in turning their biggest crisis of losing a member into their greatest opportunity. People are wondering whether their lucky streak will continue with their new song “LOVE ME LOVE ME”, which will be released on August 4.




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[#W_NEWS] 170731 “Island” is one of the double title tracks for WINNER’s new album… “Romantic tropical”

[Official] “Island” is one of the double title tracks for WINNER’s new album… “Romantic tropical”


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[OSEN=이소담 기자] WINNER has unveiled “ISLAND”, the title of their new song. “ISLAND” is one of the double title tracks of WINNER’s new album that will sweep the music scene once again.

On July 31 in the morning, YG Entertainment unveiled a new poster on the company’s official blog (, to announce the title of the second new song “ISLAND” of WINNER’s new album, following the announcement of the first new song of the album “LOVE ME LOVE ME”.

Just like the feel of the title “ISLAND”, the poster shows an illustration of a tropical island. The title “ISLAND” and “LOVE ME LOVE ME” imply that WINER’s new album will be a cool one that quenches the scorching heat of the summer season.

“ISLAND” is a song of dance hall tropical genre, which talks about romantic feelings with the unique theme of “island” and interesting lyrics.

“ISLAND” was written by WINNER members, as “LOVE ME LOVE ME” was. The lyrics were written by KANG SEUNGYOON, SONG MINHO, LEE SEUNGHOON, and Bekuk BOOM. The melody was written by KANG SEUNGYOON, FUTURE BOUNCE of YG producer team, and Bekuk BOOM.

WINNER who is coming back only four months after their previous album gave a special meaning to “number 4” once again to their new album. “REALLY REALLY” that was released on April 4 at 4PM recorded a great hit. On August 4 at 4PM, exactly four months after the release of “REALLY REALLY”, WINNER is releasing a new album, to keep their promise to stay close to fans for the entire year 2017.

As WINNER’s new album talks about the youth, love, and dream of young men in their twenties, so music fans are showing keen interest in what kind of music and performances WINNER will present with their new album.




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정식 판매일 (Release Date) : 2017.08.07 (MON)
예약 판매일 (Pre-order Date) : 2017.07.31 (MON) ~ 2017.08.06 (SUN)
YG이샵 기준 판매가 (YG E-Shop Price) : ₩14,800원 (VAT포함, Includes VAT)

CD + 북클릿(96P) + 랜티큘러 카드(1장/랜덤) + 폴라로이드(1장/랜덤)+ 양면 포스터
Includes :
CD + Booklet (96P) + 1 Lenticular Card (Random) + 1 Polaroid (Random)+ Double-side Poster

앨범 버전 : FOR YOUTH ver / FOR DREAM ver
*WINNER SINGLE ALBUM ‘OUR TWENTY FOR’는 북클릿 이미지가 다른 FOR YOUTH ver과 FOR DREAM ver 총 2종으로 발매됩니다.
Album version : FOR YOUTH / FOR DREAM
*WINNER SINGLE ALBUM ‘OUR TWENTY FOR’ will be released in total of two version with different booklet images : FOR YOUTH ver. & FOR DREAM ver.

Available @
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[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170731 WINNERCITY – Our Twenty For D-4

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