[#W_FANCAFE] 170412 SEUNGHOON’s School Memories


Title: During my school days when i eat dinner


Because I didn’t attend night self revision classes i didn’t apply for dinner
But sometimes if i stay back to revise i would need to eat too
I’ll use the number of a student who left for home earlier and has applied for dinner to eat my dinner
If there isn’t any, I’ll then randomly say a number to get dinner
During my days, there isn’t a barcode behind our student’s card but just entering our student number, we’ll be able to enter
Although i don’t know how is it like now But my memories of my school days are popping up one after another

Title: School days memories 2


When i was in the 2nd grade of high school i was obsessed with pixie cars and spent all
I’d and bought a 55 million won introductory bicycle.
That time i really didn’t have any fear and was a lawless man on the road.. motorbike was too scary so i didn’t dare to ride..not just luck
I was the crazy one who rode the bicycle to school and parked it beside the car of the homeroom teacher…
one day on the way to school, a car that was making a right turn knocked me down and at that time i should be lying down
my young innocent heart that time scared that if I’m late to school I’ll be scolded so.. i said its okay..! and then ran away…
please help me catch the criminal that time..
During that time i really liked bicycle to the extent that i wanted it tattooed on my arm, but now because of waist pains i can’t always ride on it!! hehe
Does everybody has something they’re obsessed with during their school days
Except for WINNER

Trans and Credits:@adorehoon

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