Month: March 2017

[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170331 Haute IG Update – Playing with Carrot Chewing Toy

[IG] 170331 maetamongisdad🥕 눈돌아 가는맛



[ENG] 🥕So tasty it makes his eyes roll
trans by chrissy96_



[CHINESE] 🥕 到翻白眼的好吃…
trans by WINNER中文网官博



[THAI] อร่อยจนตาเหลือก
trans by YGWINNER_TH



[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170331 Haute IG Update – Carrot Chew Toy

[IG] 170331 maetamongisdad 씹고 뜯고 맛보고 즐기고



[ENG] Chew it, rip it apart, taste it, enjoy it
trans by chrissy96_



[CHINESE] 嚼着拽着尝着玩的很开心..
trans by WINNER中文网官博



[THAI] ทั้งเคี้ยง ทั้งแทะ ทั้งน่าอร่อย ทั้งสนุก
trans by YGWINNER_TH



[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170331 Shin PD (NJTTW) Said ICs Don’t Need to Thank Her For Liking WINNER

[IG] 170331 shingong
#fatenumberfor #WINNER #0404 #4PM #REALLYREALLY 목소리 좋다… #달달 (태그 복사하는 법을 알고프다 ) #수공예태그 #집요하게좋아요 #집요하게흥해라 #덕질하는중입니다

shingong: 감사하다는 댓글 안 달아주셔도 괜찮아요~안 달아주시는게 더 좋아요~ 같은 맘으로 응원 중이니까 감사하지 않으셔도됩니당 ㅜㅜ



[ENG] Such a nice voice … #sosweet (I want to know how to copy hashtags) #handsome tags #I love the hashtags so persistently #Hope they hit it big persistently #I am fangirling right now

shingong: It’s okay even if you guys don’t comment ‘thank you’ on my posts ~ I would like it if you don’t comment ~ You don’t need to thank me for supporting them like you guys ㅜㅜ
trans by chrissy96_



[#W_FANCAFE] 170331 SEUNGHOON Fancafe Update


[NAVER FANCAFE] 170331 SEUNGHOON Fancafe Update of Adorable Pictures

[NAVER FANCAFE] 170331 SEUNGHOON asking what ICs are doing tomorrow + planning what to do for April Fools

[NAVER FANCAFE] 170331 SEUNGHOON thanking ICs for the April Fools edit “REALLY REALLY” ➡️ “IS THIS REAL LIFE”



Trans and Pictures edited by: @chrissy96_

[#W_INSTAGRAM] 170331 SEUNGYOON’s IG Update – Congratulate His Best Friend First Single ‘Eternally’

[IG] 170331 W_N_R00: 내 친구 호륜이 노래 나왔어요 많이 들어주세요 🤘🏻🤘🏻congratz



[ENG] My friend Horyun’s song is out. Please have a listen🤘🏻🤘🏻congratz

trans by chrissy96_




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